The shallow analyse of disintegrator noise reachs repair

  • At present the test of noise is according to GB6971 one 56 " method of feed disintegrator experiment " medium regulation, basis GB376s one 53 (of level of power of noise source sound determine ― simple and easy law " undertake, evaluation index is acoustical power level. With the noise of disintegrator of assess of acoustical power level, overcame the weakness that used noise of disintegrator of assess of sound pressure level in the past. The acoustical power level that produces below proper operating mode because of machine equipment is theoretic carry, sound pressure level exceeded 85dB mostly (A) , acoustical power level is in commonly LodB (A) above. Disintegrator the noise when carrying for nothing is main by machine vibration radiant solid noise is mixed the noise composition that air motive force forms. In light of these a few machines that check from us, tine claw compares the noise when carrying for nothing when type and load of disintegrator of strong hammer type big, acoustical power level differs a value to be in 0.5 one 4dB (A) between, and hammer piece the noise when type disintegrator carries for nothing is big, acoustical power level differs a value to be in 0.5 one 5.5dB (A) , as a result of,this is hammer piece the lamina that type disintegrator contains fan to be helpful for a makings or is equivalent to fan, when load is being compared again when carrying for nothing, be versed in into gas big, because this is empty,noise of pneumatic force makes main noise.   

    The noise of feed disintegrator assesses index as a function, in national level " method of feed disintegrator experiment " with occupation standard " classify of quality of feed disintegrator product " in make specific provision, but giving noise of feed disintegrator appropriative to test mark without the regulation however in the standard is a calm value, and undertook the environment is amended checking, because this does not suffer test environment and the effect of the position that measure a place, can react the inherent character of machine noise. However, to the test of noise of different type disintegrator from us findings looks, the disintegrator of different type, below different condition character of place radiant noise differs. Accordingly, for better the noise of assess disintegrator, the disintegrator that is necessary to be aimed at different type makes a corresponding test standard and be restricted to be worth.   

    About the control of feed disintegrator noise, in recent years manufacturer of domestic disintegrator production and branch of a few scientific research made a large number of research work. But look from data of product quality statistic in recent years, in all production company of home, can reduce noise in 80dB (A) the following person have hardly. Visible, in industry of our country disintegrator at present noise shows elevation is the problem of a widespread presence, affecting the health of handlers directly, the service life that also affecting facility and the competitive ability on the international market. A few feed-processing plants of domestic, for child reduce noise, disintegrator installation is in basement or the comprehensive measure that adopt acoustic hood, vibrating absorber, muffler, although obtained certain result, but this is a kind of passive measure after all, accordingly the most reasonable method is, below the premise that assures index of mechanical technology economic performance, in the beginning of the design level takes the step that drops noise, control noise in permission limit less than. The method that controls noise is to make a sound first commonly source investigation, undertake sound measurement of necessary a confusion of voices and spectrum are analysed namely, the identifying that makes source of noise character harmony is analysed, reduce the gross of noise certainly according to standard and requirement next, there is specific aim ground to take logical step in the design, implementation reduces the goal of noise.