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  • SBM major produces all sorts of broken machine, supply crusher spare parts at the same time, welcome each new old client to come to my company to look around make an on-the-spot investigation. Professional service, deserve dependent quality, everything all is in limited company of machinery of Henan SBM mine.

    Crusher peen, it is a kind of fittings of crusher, it is crusher is indispensable.

    General component is the crusher peen on the market now two kinds: Cast and forging, but their wear-resisting degree is different. So what is to cast? What is to forging?

    Casting is decide metallic fusion the liquid of the requirement into accord with syncretic and irrigate into casting mould, book the process of the cast of appearance, dimension and function via getting having after cooling and caky, clear whole processing. Because of,cast semifinished product close to figuration, and achieve avoid machining or time reduced on certain level. Casting is contemporary one of fundamental craft of production industry.

    Forging: Use v machinery to use force to metal blank, make its produce plasticity to be out of shape the treatment method that has certain and mechanical function, proper form and dimension forging in order to obtain. V (forging with punch) one of two big component. The casting condition that can remove a metal to arise in smelt process through forginging is loose wait for blemish, optimize microcosmic organization structure, at the same time because saved complete metallic streamline, the mechanical performance of forging is average excel is same the cast of material. The load in relevant machinery the important part with stern requirement of tall, work, outside the board that removes the usable rolling with simpler appearance, profile or weldment, use forging more.

    The crusher peen that my company produces all uses tall wear-resisting data, spend than common peen wear-resisting rise 20% , reduce your maintenance, use cost greatly, bring the biggest increase for you.