The crusher of crusher understands analyse method

  • The crusher of crusher understands analyse method

    Alleged and broken differ with the destruction of single material, it is the action that points to next pair of groups, namely by broken material it is the group that the miscellaneous much grain that granuality and appearance pay no attention to rests. Indeed, the energy size that the beat of this grain group breaks total sentence-making is added at it is concerned. But, after all broken or with individual grain body broken for the foundation, its broken summation is broken gross. Because each grain body are in,the located condition when smashing differs, should seeking its respective status one by one is impossible almost, accordingly, can determine its similar position only, this namely establish is broken and academic difficult reason.
    To the research of broken theory heretofore already had hundred years much history, meantime, a lot of scholars ever had offerred extremely a few tender monarch that consider a handle, valuable theory. However, these theory still cannot apply at actual crusher instrument design or parameter of affirmatory and broken exercise directly almost, and the reference that can serve as haply only, so, the purpose still uses experience law to undertake designing on actual application.
    Recently, set out from the viewpoint that differs completely with existing theory, offerred the analytic means of broken mechanism. These tentative ideas and had not arranged adequately like that, the husband is achieved can be in instantly actual in uses effectively level, but can think, the research of broken theory already began to fix eyes on at brand-new costal region viewpoint. These analytic methods will get used to the demand with actual production on certain level, to when, for experience law analytic put forward new academic basis.
    To successive and broken problem, do not be confined to the research that decides the detention time below constant condition to distributing, still have along with change to makings speed and cause discharge to give the hold-up inside product granuality and machine to change, and crusher is out-of-the-way the research that waits for dynamic character. Tanaka amounted to a husband to put forward to talk a foundation to go up in broken speed 1984, use solution to tear open a law to analyse the research with crusher characteristic trends to report. He inspects the broken process inside crusher mix a process completely, control type standard by discharge its cent controls flow for two sort ① model, type of this kind of discharge can is in charge of grind machine for exemple, with contain homocentric because the breaker plate of short aperture comes,control is ground inside edge allowance. Flow by the gravity of powdery body equation is knowable, the size that it is the aperture that use comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb is not to use a diameter to control discharge flow. Diameter of ② control bead, type of this kind of discharge is OK air waft discharge for exemple, the grain ability that is less than some certain bead diameter only is blown by air. Contain classification the concussion crusher of breaker plate also this kind. Actually, most crusher discharge means is interpose at both.