Floatation equipment wants a few fields of the attention in the design

  • The choice of the type of floatation equipment, norms and affirmatory with raw ore property (ore density, granuality, clay content, grade, but buoyancy) , structure of dimensions of equipment performance, ore dressing plant, flow, series differentiates wait for an element to concern. The problem of the following respects should note in the design:

    One, ore property and anthology fasten work requirement

    The ore with thick to granuality or big density, use method of high concentration floatation to reduce the settling speed of a makings commonly, reduce mine bead deposit. To get used to this one characteristic, the engine of floatation of mechanical agitate type that high-energy quantity should choose in the design. Machine of floatation of agitate of high energy machinery not only speed of deferent ore pulp force of fast, agitate is powerful, stop machine hind to also be started all right again easily. In process of floatation of mine of low grade vulcanization, low speed aerates to fasten the effect to choosing relatively advantageous, unfavorable choose the floatation engine that fills tolerance high. And ore of agglutinant to arising easily in floatation process foamy applies fill the floatation opportunity with greater tolerance. Handpick exercise basically depends on improving concentrate grade, floatation bubble layer should be a few thinner, depart better for gangue creation advantage, do not need bigger the floatation plane that fills tolerance, accordingly, the floatation machine of handpick exercise and thick, sweep choose exercise floatation machine to answer to be distinguished somewhat.

    2, choose floatation machine norms reasonably according to ore pulp discharge

    Fasten the effect to assure to choose, must make sure the ore pulp inside every floatation chamfer has certain retention period, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that time spends short or too long metropolis to cause valuable mineral, reduce exercise to reclaim rate, accordingly, the norms of floatation machine must suit with the dimensions photograph of the ore dressing plant. To produce the advantage of large floatation machine as far as possible, floatation series should decrease as far as possible. To stone of certain easy mineral separation, can consider single set production even when the condition allows, press current and homebred floatation machine series, every production series can amount to 3000 ~ 5000t/d, OK even bigger, abroad is certain select a plant a series can amount to 10000t/d. Cover according to the data, choose the floatation engine of 10m3 above, power consumption is saved than general floatation machine 40% the left and right sides, cover an area of an area to reduce 30% ~ 35% , installation cost is economic 40% the left and right sides, exercise reclaims rate also rise somewhat.

    3, the norms that defines floatation aircraft quite through technical economy and amount

    Compare in plan in, should choosing commonly fasten index, management cost, operation management, anthology fasten index to should regard dominant as the element, should give at enough take seriously.