Strike back type crusher is daily care and maintenance

  • Strike back type crusher is daily care and maintenance

    A sky of makings mouth width must be checked to be the same as before driving inside miscellaneous injury blocks hardware having Qiang or other, whether is each interlock in formulary position, namely switch position, the L such as the demonstrative position that adjusts a value to go up in appearance checks gasoline tank oil to measure, oil is lukewarm whether to add up to requirement of accord with manual, have water to enclose the crusher of buy, emphasize an inspection its water supply spreads out always expedite. The tooth form on bearing annulus and frame board firm reach the close solid bolt that adjusts annulus to go up whether locking, actuate oil pump, check oil pressure, its value should be 0-5 ~ 1-5 kilogram / centimeter, lest waterlogging arrives fully in oil. Have afore-mentioned examinations, affirm after won't malfunctioning, just can drive. Its drive is orderly: 3 ~5 of actuate oil pump minute, actuate strikes back type crusher runs 3 ~ 5 minutes Zhi constant when, actuate feeder gives makings. After driving, want to always notice to observe the locomotive condition of equipment, if malfunction, should prove a cause, hold in both hands in time except. In finely strike back breakdown of type crusher Chang Bei, reason and processing technique rank express 2-50. Jockey no matter be why to be planted,the accident jockeys the reason is caused jockey, its jockey always is same orderly. Its are orderly: Stop first turn to mine machine, move 5 minutes. Stop turn strike back 10 minutes of L stop type crusher turn lubricant system, stop finally turn conveyor. It is very important to strike back the maintenance of type crusher works. Safeguard fine installation correctly to be able to reach increase production energy-saving more distinct technology effect. The crusher of the ore dressing plant is to be on building site commonly, press equipment of the machinery on building site maintain can divide mix for daily care and maintenance undertake two kinds big maintaining to main part. It is very important to strike back type crusher is safeguarded of lubricant system daily, if be opposite,the concentration of transmission shaft, prejudicial axle sleeve lubricates circularly, must accomplish the normal movement of hydraulic pressure system; Oily clean , make sure the oily athletic bull of the requirement is spent; Oily round oily temperature is in 60 degrees the following; Whether is oil pressure in formulary value, hydraulic pressure component is normal, whether do pipeline system and hydraulic pressure component have leakage. If discover unusual appearance, must handle in time.
    New setup or undertake. Before fine installation is like, overhaul installation is narrated, must have trial run, and need to replace the oil in gasoline tank entirely after test-drive, later every other 3 months replacing, ensure oily clean with character of service. Analyse to striking back the lubricant process of type crusher undertakes, lube should assure each attrition not only deputy between form certain oil film, make its are in the job below the position with half better even attrition, and should cover with the bearing of gearing, awl, stop push the attrition such as bearing, positive drive deputy apparently walk along tropics, have cooling and lubricant effect namely. The oil pressure of hydraulic pressure system is 0.5 ~ 1.2 atmosphere, often use 20 mechanical oil.