SBM crusher enlarges market demand to march market of arenaceous stone aggregate

  • New Year of Henan SBM mechanical limited company is new 2010 picture figure, SBM crusher is enlarge market demand, whole side marchs market of aggregate of global arenaceous stone, mechanical limited company of by Henan SBM is an expert more, striking back formerly type crusher and arenaceous stone aggregate are broken on the foundation of the principle, new roll out edition of PFW series Europe to strike back type crusher, its use the technology of world-class, choose highest really to make material, the rotor that change is designed, and detect strictly method, , undertake analytic ensuring to rotor not random reliable, assure the rotor of high quality. As the enterprise with be closely bound up of mineral products resource, we are sure should cooperate a government actively, to promote our country resource but durative development makes the obligation that answers and duty ” . The investment according to capital construction of high speed railroad is calculated for 600 billion yuan, what construction work amid occupies portion to be about 55% , this also is meant, our country earth builds investment to will achieve 330 billion yuan this year. The broken just as its name implies of ore perhaps waits for the ore of processing with respect to the ore that is chunk, have the aid of the action at outside force, overcome the force between the branch inside its and broken, the process that makes ore granuality narrows gradually. The setting that this one policy publishs is energy-saving decrease a platoon, but what did not use fuel of raw material solid considering the branch is medium pannikin furnace was achieved completely already discharge measure. It is reported, national hair changes appoint already was in consider creating professional share, strengthen abroad to enterprise of within the country the guiding that exploit a mine. Regard mechanical machinery as the delegate of equipment company, we are accountability all-around support is provided on technology and equipment.

    We can say haughtily today, henan SBM is Chinese crusher industry get army. Can say, using gangue is our country not only resource of economy of metempsychosis of development mining industry, construction is managing model the environment is friendly model of the society important one annulus, also be to fulfil scientific progress at the same time view, alleviate of resource bottleneck want beg to surrender objectively major move. Famed and mechanical mechanical crusher, grinder mixes within the country made arenaceous machine research and development and limited company of machinery of exporter Henan SBM state to this huge pays close attention to, president Zhang Zong says: “ country resource of the mineral products outside area of this extensive investment, it is the demand that the country grows far development.