Make the different part of arenaceous machine crusher

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  • SBM mechanical limited company producesMaking arenaceous machine and crusher is the two big celebrities in project machine, applicable stock, industry extensive, utility wide, dosage is big, it is crusher of a lot of stone instrument manufacturer Lai Yisheng puts advocate make equipment, as the SBM that makes manufacturer of arenaceous mechanical brand, of production no matter be manufacturing technology,making arenaceous machine and crusher still is product quality more get the better of one prepare. After accumulating so long production facilities and the experience that maintain facility, reply by the technical personnel of SBM major: Like making arenaceous machine and crusher use a method? The sort that makes arenaceous machine is various, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, of each types make arenaceous machine working flow and use method is roughly same, it is stock enters crusher through entering makings mouth, by crusher broken to the stock bulk that makes arenaceous function production, again by make arenaceous machine produce the granuality size to our demand. Among themThe working principle that makes arenaceous machine is such, pass the stock that makes arenaceous machine to be divided into two parts from crusher, one part by the impeller that high speed enters to rotate among cent glassware, the rotate speed that passes impeller makes stone is quickened next stroke is additional one part from the stone that comes in all round cent glassware, mutual collision pounds eddy to raise lining of the stone inside antrum to go up together next, rebound again next, inclined uprush moves the top of antrum to eddy, the direction that this is stone arrived when the last time is changed, deflexion is down, making arenaceous machine is the result that broken mill achieves after having so a chain of campaign through letting stone. Crusher is in manufacturing process, often break to checkmate law and extruding break broken law only way of two kinds of works, working principle is simple. From afore-mentioned in a paragraph of professional language, can see very easily, make arenaceous machine and crusher work not just the principle is different, use method also is widely divergent, but for the professional technical staff to SBM, these trival technological process are common, designing product line also is to pick up of course the hand comes namely.