The kinetic analysis of cycle crusher

  • The kinetic analysis of cycle crusher

    Cycle crusher is called again vertical is compound type crusher, also be called compound crusher, it is broken product line and the important and mechanical equipment that make arenaceous product line. As a result of its productivity tall, power consumption low, job smooth, granuality is even wait, because this is in in mineral separation industry and other industry department in the thick broken exercise of the ore to all sorts of hardness. The article basically analyses his kinetic, provide certain academic reference to improve crusher structure and performance.

    Cycle crusher and conic crusher are same, the centroid of its mantle and prejudicial axle sleeve is not on line of its centre of turning circle, because this is in locomotive process, meeting generation force and the inertial moment of force to securing a place. When broken ore, because broken force is far,be more than the force of mantle and prejudicial axle sleeve, did not produce bigger effect. But be when crusher idling or in the process that the idling transfers to carry turns, force and inertial moment of force have the tendency that makes the included angle R0 between mantle center line and crusher center line increases, because get the limitation of frame lining, r0 horn cannot increase. Accordingly, to frame lining and generation of spherical axle sleeve one kind follows turn of prejudicial axle sleeve and the active force of periodic change, cause the concussion vibration with harmful crusher thereby, affect crusher to run normally even. When designing cycle crusher, the size that must find force and inertial moment of force and direction try to balance, with eliminate or reducing this kind of ill effect.

    The basis is kinematic knowable, crusher is to make regulation enter move, also call cycle motion. Move to make mantle makes regulation, must give the to securing a place outside force that mantle has certain size and way moment, meanwhile, produce the inertial moment with an as equal as size of outside force quadrature, opposite way necessarily on mantle. The force quadrature means that seeks mantle has two kinds: It is the embroil acceleration according to the particle on mantle, opposite acceleration and acceleration of brother family name, get force and inertial moment of force. 2 it is the moment of force outside be being gotten according to the momentum of the particle on mantle, moment of momentum, force quadrature. The result that these two kinds of methods get is same.

    Such, aborning, according to kinetic analysis, get the inertial moment of force of cycle crusher, force, try to balance, the impact with the harmful crusher that will eliminate or reduces force and inertial moment of force to cause is oscillatory.