The common problem of conic crusher

  • The common problem of conic crusher

    Conic crusher regards mineral separation as the main breaking equipment of product line, when work, sufferring huge challenge, the stand or fall of broken stock is deciding the grade of final concentrate directly, we analyse a few kinds of breakdown that conic crusher appears possibly when work today.

    Breakdown of 1. lubricant system. The happening of this breakdown often as a result of dustproof device invalidation or close not close, in bringing about the partial dust in broken antrum to enter lube grade (the dust of broken generation when regular job won't enter machine interior to fall into cistern to be swept by circular water however) , this behavior basically can cause the lubricant effect between mechanical component undesirable, add component wear away, quicken mechanical equipment use up, should the character of service of equipment and shorten the service life of equipment, main show lubricates each in machinery place includes broken awl bottom and spherical bearing between, mantle and prejudicial set between, between size bevel gear, the lubricant action between horizontal axis and axle sleeve drops. This behavior still can bring about lubricant system oil lukewarm lift continuously, make oily Wen Qu close or exceed 55oC, reduce oily viscosity.

    Broken material enters broken antrum or 2. is not is insurance bedspring (safe perhaps oil cylinder) lose action, this behavior can make the cone-shaped lining of empty eccentric shafe becomes loose on string, make the gap of crusher main shaft and cone-shaped lining narrow.

    The lubricant action of 3. machinery is undesirable, the occurrence of this breakdown can cause mantle spherical occurrence blame of as spherical as bowl form tile wears away normally phenomenon, the spherical tile that can bring about bowl form bearing especially appears to wear away badly, bring about mantle thereby spherical drop, make mantle and taper cover the clearance between to decrease, wear away increase.