Feed smashs degree of the grain when production clutch make

  • 1 feed granuality reachs the homogeneity of granuality

    The granuality of feed points to the size of feed grain normally. But the average bead diameter that cutting the two features quota that expresses feed granuality truly is feed pink bead and particle size distribution (the homogeneity of granuality) . Of granuality determine, multi-purpose in feed industry screening law undertakes, its method has a variety of. Still use 3 layer sieve method in industry of our country feed at present (contain a copy in all 3) , determine with this law its granuality is a kind of relatively coarse expression method, but in because its method still is used simply at our country,be being produced. The granuality of relatively perfect science determines is 15 sieve method, one kind when state with probability granuality reachs his to distributing namely determines notation. Its sieve eye is ordinal for 4, 6 270 and bottom are sifted in all 15, determine result granuality size with geometry average diameter expresses, particle size distribution expresses with geometrical standard deviation. An amount that still can use computational grain to express number of area, total bead and any bead degree through index of these two features. This is led to undertaking animal nutrition, feed is digested, smash design of technology of specific power consumption, treatment and the research that raise the effect are very advantageous.

    The limits of feed grain granuality is roughly from 44 M 4 000 M, be equivalent to 325 eye respectively 5 eye. At present feed produces place to with the norms that braids screen mesh two kinds represent a means, it is with the sieve eye expresses firstly, what provide some sieve aperture to count on length of each inches of screen mesh namely; It is secondly it is how many Mm or M to express with growing by the side of only hole. Both existence is worn particular corresponding concern, be like: Clean Kong Bian is long for L= 25 4/M - 4 (Mm) . Among them M looks for the sieve, the 4 steel wire diameters that are screen mesh (Mm) . If be 8 eye screen mesh, steel wire diameter is 0 8mm, computation grows by the side of only hole for 3 375mm. Because standard of standards of diameter of steel wire of each country screen mesh differs somewhat, because this identical sieve looks,grow by the side of the only hole of its screen mesh endless also and identical.

    The control of granuality of the product in 2 feed treatment

    Be in those who add scale to be less than 0 5% is compound in mixing the production of feed to make beforehand, to assure the uniformity of active constituent and security, ask to the granuality of all sorts of minim constituent all taller, GB stipulates its granuality carries 16 order entirely (1 18mm) analytic sieve, 30 eye (0 6mm) the content on analytic sieve sieve is more than 10% . Because the requirement difference to each constituent content is bigger, because this is right the granuality requirement of each constituent is not identical also. From the effect that feed raise and consideration of mixing uniformity angle, in hoping every kinds of constituent overcomes end item in every due 20 right-and-left grain had better. It is like density of some minim constituent 1, in end item content asks to be 1mg/ Kg, there is 1g content in every tons of batch namely. If its granuality is this constituent 325 eye (44 M) when, the grain number of 1g stock is 15 6 1 million, so in 1g batch this constituent contains 15 6 only grain, mix the size with the minim constituent due and fine requirement in feed beforehand it is thus clear that. The limits with the due also and strict granuality to carrier, it is its through dividing class sieve granuality is controlled normally in 30 eye between 80 eye, keep clear of the dust of 80 eye above it is besides carrier.

    In condensing feed to produce, to assure uniformity of formula feed compound, GB stipulates its granuality passes 8 eye to analyse a sieve entirely, the content on sieve of sieve of 16 eye analysis is more than 10% . Because pig birds is in,is bigger difference on requirement of formula feed granuality, because this condenses the granuality of makings to cultivate birds,also answer to be distinguished somewhat. Especially big, medium birds is used condense the granuality of makings, normally its granuality carries 6 order entirely sieve of 7 eye analysis is more reasonable. Accord with already so big, medium the requirement feeding raise that birds uses the market demand that condenses feed and end item, also conduce to the exterior quality that improves a product, reduce treatment specific power consumption, improve manufacturing efficiency.

    In total value formula feed is produced in, what reach form as a result of feed breed is different, the difference that to its granuality asks is bigger. If be in feed of aquatic product grain, because prawn enteron is shorter, the granuality that its feed smashs and homogeneity change rate and manufacturing economy influence to its feed very big, because this asks,its smash cloth of granuality part of one's job is in 40 eye between 80 eye. The grain such as adult fish, chickling, porket expects its smash granuality is controallable in 16 eye between 40 eye. Breed of birds of cultivate of basis of farinaceous formula feed and grow level is different, to its granuality asks to also be distinguished somewhat. Porket, grow pig, kind the formula feed such as pig, chickling asks 99% analyse a sieve through 2 8mm, 1 4mm analysis sifts the content on the sieve to not be more than 15% ; The later period in chicken of fleshy young animal, produce an egg the formula feed such as the later period in mothball chicken asks 99% analyse a sieve through 3 35mm, 1 7mm analysis sifts the content on the sieve to not be more than 15% ; Laying hen, kind the formula feed requirement such as chicken passes 4mm to analyse a sieve entirely, the content on sieve of 2mm analysis sieve is more than 15% .

    Note of granuality of 3 control product

    The type that 3 1 decides disintegrator according to the product to the diverse demand of granuality and smash the size that sifts perforation diameter

    Producing general grain feed, farinaceous batch and when condensing feed, it is to deploy cheap general hammer normally piece type disintegrator, can achieve product granuality requirement. If produce general grain makings to match the sieve of sieve aperture of = 1 5mm 2mm piece; Unripe kitten pig, production pig, kind batch of early days of chicken of young animal of pig, chickling, meat and condense makings the sieve that matchs sieve aperture of = 3mm 3 5mm piece; Production produces an egg batch of the later period in mothball chicken, later period in chicken of fleshy young animal and big in birds condenses makings the sieve that matchs sieve aperture of = 4mm 5mm piece; Unripe laying hen, kind chicken produces egg period the sieve that formula feed can match sieve aperture of = 5mm 6mm piece. Returning what ought to point out is to smash granuality is divided receive directly with sieve perforation relevant outside, return rotate speed of the moisture content with stock, disintegrator, hammer piece amount, thickness, use new old rate and sieve piece with hammer piece between space size is concerned, in using, should notice to consider these factors integratedly. If opposite produces ability and product quality demand all taller, can consider to deploy the vertical hammer with higher cost piece disintegrator, can have better granuality effect; When in production grain of special type aquatic product expects and mixing feed beforehand, because machine granuality to want to be in 40 eye above, must provide appropriative small disintegrator and the requirement that exceed small disintegrator to satisfy particle to smash; Produce grain feed and the circumstance that condense feed to fall at the same time in the requirement, had better deploy the disintegrator of aperture of two different productivity, different sieve aperture, so that comfortable the product that asks at producing distinct size, conduce to decrease specific power consumption and improve productivity.

    3 2 provides the treatment that necessary sizing device smashs after prevenient burden as far as possible in craft, answer to provide sizing device before entering disintegrator, come out the raw material screening that has asked accord with granuality, enter disintegrator no longer; In condensing feed to machine, when using many beans to dregs of rice, should deploy multistage to classification the sieve undertakes pretreatment, the atomic cent under 30 eye the sieve comes out to use grain material directly, 12 eye the grain depart between 30 eye comes out to use early days of chicken of young animal of chickling, meat and pig directly condense feed, 6 eye the grain depart between 12 eye comes out to be used at making directly big in birds is used condense feed, after through big sieve aperture disintegrator smashs, the grain of 6 eye above classifications afresh again. Can smash with decreasing greatly so treatment specific power consumption, can raise the homogeneity of granuality significantly again; Mix in productivity smash when granuality demand is higher, use 2 times smash craft, deploy among classification sieve, also can reduce specific power consumption greatly, improve the treatment quality of productivity and granuality; Before farinaceous raw material enters burden storehouse the makings that set pink is sifted, finished product sieve is set before finished product enters finished product storehouse, will conduce to the homogeneity of the exterior quality that improves a product and granuality.

    Examination of 3 3 sizing device and maintenance are in disintegrator and the use of all sizing device, should special attention sifts an examination with screen mesh to its, seasonable hair is existing do not have flaw or sift piece, screen mesh installation closes to be in laxly, once discover a sieve piece, screen mesh grinds leakage or by checkmate, installation occurrence aperture and hammer piece wear away badly etc, should give in time change or repair accordingly.