Make the warehouse of two kinds of makings with arenaceous common product line formal introduction

  • Make the warehouse of two kinds of makings with arenaceous common product line formal introduction

    Make the makings storehouse with arenaceous common product line nail coagulation of reinforcing steel bar of 10 structures and metallic structure kind.
    Makings storehouse the operation makes often can appear the phenomenon that change flows and makings shedding interrupts. This is the result that provides as a result of knot of benefit of arch of makings storehouse knot; Bring about arch of makings storehouse knot piece a lot of closer, if spoon of makings storehouse wall expects,dimension of mouth of the sliding friction of bead, particle size distribution, water content, discharge reachs makings storehouse bottom appearance. Offer to prevent a knot, can take following step:
    (1) uses prejudicial discharge opening. Those who use mercuric straight wall is asymmetrical structure. Actually perpendicular wall part prevented arch foot, reduce the possibility that the knot offers.
    (2) uses makings warehouse beater, in hill the upper part of logical sequence wall of makings mouth upper part installs beater. When stock knot arch, can turn the handgrip of beater, destroy knot arch, take out stock:
    (3) uses oscillator, makings storehouse installs oscillator to have two kinds of forms that divide a life: Makings storehouse oscillator and makings storehouse wall oscillator. Oscillator can be used dynamoelectric or air drive. General circumferential or its are linear oscillatory frequency Fan Yin is 1000, 80000 / Min, amplitude is 0, 6cm or official are a few older. Makings storehouse oscillator " the form expresses Er outside outfit oscillator installs the position; Type of graph hour area represents inside the position that holds oscillator. The relation of oscillator and makings storehouse this watch.
    (4) collects Hu pneumatic to aid shed unit, pneumatic is aided shed a method to have 3 kinds of forms. The first kind of form is with compressing air is kinetic energy, make with the air stream that shoots suddenly stock collapses fall; The 2nd kind of form is sufficient make expect the storehouse aids outfit of discharge air cushion to pretend to be cent bouffant; The 3rd kind of form is with alleviation towel even air current receives stock the pine. The gas muzzle that extends makings storehouse should bend downward. Enrage him to mix with valve make adjust, also can use remote control means.