How to use 9FZ-40 mobile crusher

  • How to use 9FZ-40 mobile crusher

    9FZ-40 mobile crusher has put in the market now, be used by broad user, but still a few users can be operated not quite, I teach everybody how to use this device now.
    To avoid the as a result of centrifugal force action in broken process to make stock is formed " circumfluent layer " , 9FZ-40 mobile crusher used water form broken room. Bolt bag horn and machine of solid definitive edition use the link that has 340 ° to include part to sift, sieve aperture is a circle, the size of sieve aperture can be sifted according to needing to change piece. When installation in sifting an outfit to be encircled in two sieves, insert bolt to secure two, in the chamfer sifting a circle that puts broken and indoor side. Feeding unit designs the tube that is 80mm with the diameter, one aspect of the matter has magnet, put to makings, another end and the feed pipe that broken room axis carries upper part to install are conterminous, interface place has feed quantity adjustment flashboard, can expect from engulf when blade is rotational.
    The design that discharges makings mouth is set in broken room bottom, make by thin stencil steel go up to leave small funnel body greatly, fixed go up in airframe. Crusher is in small procrastinate on the design of fixed device is disintegrator mounting frame. Secure mounting frame first small on the beam before procrastinating, put 9FZ-40 mobile crusher on mounting frame next, it is on frame board the long aperture of husband having shift, 9FZ-40 mobile crusher and axes of tractor V belt annulus keep parallel, v belt chamfer is right mounting frame diagram, v takes degree of tightness consistent, measurable, screw finally nut, those who make is fixed.
    The gearing that gearing design designs must satisfy job of 9FZ-40 mobile crusher to change direction, the requirement of rotate speed and bear form a complete set, reason is little pull original motive force to output partial limitation very big, cannot satisfy afore-mentioned requirements. Experiment via research, will small before pull V belt annulus tries to transform, the V that used before namely carries those who add an one chamfer outside belt annulus outside receive belt annulus. The external diameter that accepts post should make insert diesel engine plain the Kong Houji inside belt annulus cooperates to be transition fit, be in with mild steel welding rod circumferential on all cloth spot welding at 3 o'clock, two rounds it is an organic whole repeatedly. Such is in assure advocate transmission while, also solved hand dynamic issue to crusher, simplified greatly thereby structure.
    Course study, when everybody is using 9FZ-40 mobile crusher, want to learn to accumulate operation experience, communicate with the person of the same trade more, make crusher gets the biggest use value.