Feed in raw material of Kun type crusher is installed and grind Kun

  • Feed in raw material of Kun type crusher is installed and grind Kun

    Device of feed in raw material
    Device of feed in raw material is to assure content division can even, successive, enter roller press mensurably to smash antrum, a when make its are squashed adequately important part, when roller press moves normally, stock must have certain stuff, fill device of whole feed in raw material from beginning to end, direct by its enter housing inside smash antrum,
    Device of feed in raw material by makings storehouse, fender. Side fender, adjust flashboard, bedspring tightens the composition such as device forcedly. Fender, side fender is the stencil steel that processes by case hardening is made. Pull of wear-resisting line in the lower end of side fender, in scaleboard the place of easy Long caustic uses v of tall wear-resisting material. In order to prolong service life. Adjust flashboard by handwheel, adjust the flashboard composition that screw and solder have wear-resisting material family. Side fender bedspring carries close device on the head is fender of side of control of in order to and the clearance of the end panel that grind Kun.
    The function characteristic of device of feed in raw material is OK control is offerred makings system and grind inside smash the harmony of antrum is consistent. Implementation supersaturation is fed makings. Narrow area of the brim that grind Kun smashs to extruding as far as possible the shadow photograph of the effect, grinding Kun happening deflective. When its end panel and side fender produce clash. Side fender is OK and stretch concede, in order to prevent equipment breakdown, each fender facilitating maintenance and change; Hopper is lower adjust flashboard can adjust grind Kun to stock play role. And stock on roller face distributing. In order to achieve the goal with productivity of control Kun press and even load of the axial that grind Kun: Feed makings volume through adjusting with with give photograph of abrasive cake ply to suit.