The monitoring field that my factory runs in safety in the light of mine equipment had many research positive result

  • The monitoring field that my factory runs in safety in the light of mine equipment had many research positive result

    Mine equipment is the pillar that mine company produces, its safety runs the main component that is mine safe production, breaking equipment mine is the safety of crucial equipment, efficient the Chongzhongzhi that moving is mine company safe production more is heavy. Current, the monitoring domain of mine equipment oneself had many research positive result, but these monitor diagnostic system or device or just is aimed at spot of a certain mine specific produce an environment and design; or just is aimed at a certain specific mine mechanical equipment and of the independence of development monitor diagnostic analysis instrument, perhaps be based on manufacturing site already some network conditions and of development online monitor diagnostic system crusher, existing generally intelligence diagnoses degree object of low, monitoring content of one onefold, technology is not tall, disadvantageous differ at compositive monitoring, versatility wait for blemish. Because accept the restriction of network condition, cannot undertake compositive monitoring to each crucial equipment inside whole mining area.

    My factory brings a real problem that runs the existence in monitoring in the light of afore-mentioned mine key equipment, breaking equipment designed a mine key that is based on general platform to set Wu safety to run compositive supervisory system, include design of systematic whole plan, system to issue a machine data to collect system of analytic part design, grader on design of long-range monitoring technology and system engine is long-range the design of monitoring software and development. Ramon grinds systematic whole plan to design the job is to put forward systematic whole to design train of thought, give out do composition of construction of systematic whole design and system of; of graph of frame of systematic whole design issue a machine data to collect analytic part design to basically include advocate accuse module, signal to collect module, communication module and data to collect analytic software do 4 parts design: ? On the design that the long-range data that wall of  of Tao of riverside of bail of Tuo of border of Piao of small official Nie masts ST of Zuo of  of hoarse ancienting name for a water catltrop is entered transmits a technology and development; system machine monitoring software designs main introduction to go up long-range monitoring carries a chance of software of data management library do not have.

    This system passes locate each mine monitoring stand issue a machine data to collect analytic part to be able to stand to this monitoring at the same time facility moving status inputs the 16 mine key below mine well signal undertakes real time collects an analysis, the issues a machine to be able to pass CAN and PSTN photograph couple again long-range number that every monitoring stands is defeated by breaking equipment as it is said the get onning of technology and room of the control central the compositive monitoring that the security that machine couplet net forms crucial to the mine inside whole mining area equipment runs. Make arenaceous machine structure of whole system hardware compact, distribution is equitable, have signal to collect precision speed of tall, processing function of monitoring of fast, real time is strong wait for an advantage, software design has database management function interface of powerful, man-machine is friendly, easy the characteristic such as implementation.