The research and development of crusher of newest forage grass is reached apply

  • 1 structure characteristic

    9CF - 1100 model structure of forage grass disintegrator is shown like plan institute. Its feeding unit by fluctuation two stars tine feeds roller, feed compulsively at grabbing straw with benefit. Roller is fed to use float type to press roller on, bind ply along with grass adjustable feed entrance volume.

    Cut off a knife to distribute hob form, dish knife type, throw knife form, we consider overall figure, performance, choose straight blade dish knife as cut off a knife, such smashing component and cut off a knife to be on same axis, reduced cost, simplified structure, reduced power comsumption. Smash the component uses weight piece type, housing installs toothed segment having a horizontal stroke on, piece makings mouth is issueing housing, installation has screen.

    Main shaft motivation by electric machinery classics V belt drive, and feed dynamical criterion to be passed to by machine of decelerate of worm of worm wheel of main shaft classics feed axis playing roller.

    2 jobs principle

    When 2.1 jobs, stock is feeding roller compulsively via feeding the entrance studio is entered below action, mix in calm knife the cut up with a hay cutter below the action of dish of knife is cut paragraph, classics hammer piece blow and toothed segment, sieve piece pink is become below knead, below centrifugal force and blade waft, via housing bottom falling after bolt chooses qualification.

    Because light and forage grass and straw are soft, reason hammer piece use light body weight piece, increase tear off ability, wear in hammer board go up how to a certain number of wind send blade, can increase efficiency, can increase toothed segment and sieve again piece knead ability.

    Rotate speed of 2.2 main shaft. The harm of machine vibration is very big, affect mincing performance not only, increased noise, power comsumption, and right overall also put in huge to endanger a gender. Main shaft high speed rotates, get power more complex, can divide static heft and dynamic heft analysis. Dynamic heft points to main shaft, dish knife, hammer piece leave mental efforts as a result of what rotate and arise. Static heft includes main shaft self-prossessed, bearing supports power, transmission torque. Because the rotor in the design is self-prossessed,reach its action point is rotating the process all is not changed. In rotating, bearing supports power is fluctuant. Actually, rotor supports power through bearing just about, make overall generation is oscillatory, the course experiments, main shaft rotate speed is in surely 850r / Min, cut moment of force is right now even, oscillatory volume is minor, smash the result is favorable.

    Hammer piece 60 = of / of D of π of N of = of linear velocity V 48.93m / S N - main shaft rotate speed (850r / Min) D - rotor diameter (1100mm)

    3 technologies standards

    Via producing appraisal, its design index and production target to agree basically.

    Main technique standards sets T.h of / of family planning yield - 1.5 form a complete set of 1 1  ̄ R.min of / of rotate speed of main shaft of dynamical / KW 18.5 - D.B of / of 1 850 average noise (A) % of 85 moisture content / 13  ̄ 20

    4 epilogue

    4.19CF - 1100 model forage grass disintegrator satisfied fineness to forage grass requirement, know to it as people, its market demand will increase.

    4.2 machine use one axis formula, the structure is simple, power comsumption is small, efficiency is tall.

    4.3 this machine suitable scope is wide, change by the sieve, applicably at producing man-made board raw material.