Summarize the backside story that product of SBM mine sell like hot cakes trusts by the client

  • My company is professional production crusher, the manufacturer of ball mill, quality is reliable, prestige is high, the product is sold toward global famous business, we still cooperate with company of foreign much home, trust by the client!
    The stone crusher that the mine machinery industry with SBM mine professional machinery uses can divide for: Crusher of type of another name for Hubei province, hammer type crusher, complex formula crusher, roller type crusher, pound type crusher, stone crusher, strike back type crusher.
    1, crusher of type of another name for Hubei province: Gnathic type crusher is had broken evener than granuality of big, product, structure simple, job reliable, maintenance the characteristic such as economy of expenses of handy, operation.
    2, hammer type crusher: (crusher of annulus hammer type) abbreviation: Hammer is broken, basically apply to broken of all sorts of brittleness material mineral. Be waited for for coal, salt, Bai Ya, gesso, aluminous, brick, made of baked clay, limestone by broken stock.
    3, strike back type crusher: Abbreviation turns over checkmate, apply to broken in hard stock, if the limestone of cement plant is broken, have productivity big, give the advantage with makings small size.
    4, complex formula crusher: Abbreviation (compound broken) apply to industry of building materials, mining industry, metallurgy, chemical industry to defeat crushed limestone, grog, coal and other ore. Characteristic: Productivity is big; Broken than tall, specific power consumption is low; Sealing is good, movement is smooth; Safeguard convenient.
    5, roller type crusher: To roller crusher (roller type crusher, to roller type crusher) in waiting for industrial department for mineral separation, chemical, cement, housing materials, break and finely the ore under all sorts of medium hardness and cliff Shi Zhi are used.
    6, concussion type crusher: Say to make arenaceous machine again, what apply to aggregate of stone of grog of all sorts of rock, abrasive, fireproof material, cement, quartz, iron ore, concrete extensively to wait for a variety of hard, fragile stock is medium broken, finely (make arenaceous bead) . Crusher of type of PCL series concussion (make arenaceous machine) use to the building arenaceous, build service arenaceous Shi You is appropriate.
    Limited company of machinery of Henan SBM mine is Chinese Zhengzhou dimensionsThe biggestmine machinery major produces manufacturer. Company total assets 137.6 million yuan. Production covers an area of 66000 square metre. Company subordinate becomes 6 workshops such as treatment of outfit, axis, housing treatment, punch and 4 branches and an institute, accuse a SBM to cast limited company. The company has own imports and exports to counterpoise, in order to produce big, medium-sized seriesMine machinery, Metallurgy, Building materials equipmentGive priority to, market research and development, production, sale is the joint stock company of an organic whole, company headquarters is located in Zhengzhou Central Plains on the west garden of road machinery industry, since the company holds water, the enterprise is versed in with essence of modern management method make, innovate independently, assemble elite of a batch of science and technology. The company has a worker 880 more than person is medium, senior 138 people of engineer, mechanic of moderate level above 200 more than person, the company takes seriously very much cooperate with unit of foreign scientific research, introduced instrument of numerous domestic and international advanced experiment and product line to examine detect technology, with Denmark Smith Bai Lixiu of company, Germany this company and the scientific research unit such as many universities formed long-term strategic partner to concern.
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