What 2010SBM crusher will do is better

  • 2010 had come, recommend a level to improve professional skill of the salesperson and product further, promote the competition ability of the enterprise, maintain product brand image. On Feburary 19, limited company of machinery of Henan SBM mine holds salesperson major skill to groom class. Invite concerned expert tuitional build the course such as parameter of flow of workmanship of can main product, specifications, to coming from the cadre, company outside be stationed in more than 50 salesperson undertook charging.

    Groom this, use band of photograph of academic, practice, the key learned crusher, ball mill, dryer, rotary kiln, conveyer, wait for parameter of flow of ABC of mine machinery product, workmanship, specifications. During groom, the salesperson still learned contemporary client to serve concept, effective client to serve skill systematically, understood a client to serve administrative technological process, mode, means in the round, build the nine special subject such as client management system.

    2009 had gone, what 2010SBM will do is better.