SBM river pebble makes arenaceous machine good point remarkable!

  • SBM river pebble makes arenaceous machine good point remarkable!

  • SBM river pebble makes arenaceous machine good point remarkable! Rise ceaselessly as what national structure uses arenaceous level, yesThe demand that makes arenaceous aircraft equipment also is in upgrade ceaselessly, my company producesThe mechanism that river pebble makes arenaceous machine produce is arenaceous the building that accords with national requirement completely uses arenaceous level. River pebble makes the mechanism arenaceous character that arenaceous machine produces having original characteristic, according to international the regulation is handled via dividing territory, make by mechanical and broken, screening arenaceous, bead diameter is less than the rock grain of 4.75mm, but do not include soft qualitative rock, efflorescent petrosal grain. The oneself with arenaceous mechanism is main the characteristic is: In be basically at present thick arenaceous, fineness modulus is between 2.6-3.6, grain grading is stable, adjustable, contain the stone pink of certain amount, the residue on sieve that divides 150m somewhat outside contest price, the others residue on sieve all assumes trigonometry body or square quadrature put oneself in another's position more, the surface is rough, acuteness of edges and corners. But because mechanism of countrywide each district produces mine source arenaceously,treatment of different, production makes arenaceous equipment technology differ, production gives a mechanism arenaceous bead may have very big distinction with grading. For instance: Some mechanisms are arenaceous a shape grain is more, the grain grading with some arenaceous mechanisms is both ends big among small, but the arenaceous to the mechanism all technology index in wanting to be able to satisfy GB only, can use in concrete and mortar. The particular character with the arenaceous mechanism that understood river pebble to make arenaceous machine produce so just is choosing appropriate mine broken there is more objective judgement in making arenaceous equipment. River pebble makes arenaceous machine: Http://