SBM mine machine breaks foreign brand to be in home is large and mobile the monopoly position on broken station market

  • A few days ago, limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine and company of environmental protection of Hangzhou a person of same business sign 2 day to produce equipment of mainframe of 3000 tons of mobile and broken stations to build rubbish to handle a contract, broke foreign brand to be in home is large and mobile the monopoly position on broken station market.

    Building rubbish past is filled simply bury cause very big pollution, in the building rubbish handles the spot, mobile and broken station eats the rubbish concrete that takes chunk, had entered broken, wait for a series of flow except iron, screening, production gives 0-3mm, 3mm-6mm, 6mm-10mm, the fine aggregate of 4 kinds of norms of 10mm above and thick aggregate. The brick showing water that produces manufacturing aggregate to be able to produce all sorts of municipal road to use, road edge brick, let build rubbish to become useless to be treasure truly, implementation builds rubbish resource to change processing. Processing system of whole structure rubbish has technological process crop of simple, stand-alone is big, into makings granuality big, low cost can, efficient wait for an advantage, accord with a country to build an industry the industrial policy of energy-saving environmental protection.   
    Introduce according to personnel of research and development, SBM mine machine this model design of mobile and broken station has been finished at present, the design crop of mobile and broken station is horary 100 ~ 300 tons, the biggest amount to 1 meter or so into makings granuality, no matter crop still takes makings size,be country is the biggest.