The principle of many axis chain disintegrator and apply

  • Alone the characteristic of axial chain disintegrator

    Alone if what the general composition of axial chain disintegrator shows. The rotor as a result of it dish be inside sunken form the triangle of 3 edges, additional, hammer piece with rotor dish join with chain between join axis, so, rotor dish opposite at average weight piece the round rotor of disintegrator dish the rotor with straight edge triangle dish, over all dimension is greatly contractible, weight is reduced a lot of. Hammer piece can arrange more cheek by jowl along axial. Of 3 edges and corners wear away the rotor of triangle of as straight as the tradition edge dish photograph comparing, can reduce greatly, life is longer. Its productivity is tall, smash more compact than dimension of tectonic and big, simple, structure, power is used up small, safeguard simple, repair and change spare parts granuality of easy, product is even, smash too little.

    The characteristic of disintegrator of much axis chain

    Chain disintegrator characteristic, but disintegrator of much axis chain and alone disintegrator photograph compares axial chain to have very big advantage again. Alone just as its name implies of axial chain disintegrator is an empty axis drive in electric machinery, high speed rotates, drive chain and hammer piece smash stock, if what general composition shows. My company begins to added up to fat mill development to produce for Liaoning Pan Jinfu alone axial chain disintegrator, smash with what go up at compound fat product line working procedure. Although compound fertilizer is softer, but because compound fertilizer is agglutinant bigger, used as a result not quite long (be less than a half moon) , with respect to discovery the machine turned to be not moved. We tear open the discovery after driving a machine, in hammer piece rotate circumferential the A that go up, B two area, the knot has stronger stock, keep clear of extremely hard.

    To solve this problem, we developed disintegrator of much axis chain. It seldom is stuck in box wall makings, productivity is tall.

    The exterior dimension L B H = 1 890 588 977 Mm of its working section, rotor part D L 0 = 630 526 Mm, crop is 20 T/ H however. It stock from the diametical D = 50 60 Mm before smashing, smash diametical D Max = 10 Mm, smash than big. It used two 18. The electric machinery of 5 KW satisfied a requirement.

    The structure of disintegrator of much axis chain

    If what the structural principle of disintegrator of much axis chain shows. The main shaft that it has two root parallel (5) , the rotor that there are same amount and volume on every main shaft dish (4) , end panel dish (10) with chain hammer piece (7) ; Rotor dish with rotor dish, rotor Pan Heduan face dish between all have lie between annulus (9) separate, in order to adjust clearance; Outside casing (3) the echelon stage that is parallel of two end panel, mouth of in the right way opens on two inclined flank, facilitating examination and platoon expect; Inclined flank is built (2) on stick have anticorrosive rubber slab, can decrease stick makings and anticorrosive, reduce noise; Of two end panel inside the surface also is stuck have anticorrosive rubber slab (15) , also decreased to stick makings and noise, strengthened anticorrosive. Chain uses forge to cause model, peen uses steel of 16 M N to machine and become. Partial rotor Pan Heduan face dish both pass key with main shaft (11) connection, implementation motivation is delivered. Rotor dish with hammer of rotor, chain piece with rotor dish between all pass join axis (6) implementation motivation is delivered. Photograph adjacent rotor dish between crisscross 180, reason is circumferential going up is 6 chain hammer piece. The great majority component on main shaft all is become for machining, reason dynamic balancing is good, noise is little. Electric machinery (14) and V-belt is passed between main shaft (12) transfer power with the speed ratio of I = 1. It and average weight piece type disintegrator is compared return leave out fine-toothed comb. On the whole, its workmanship does not compare average weight piece type disintegrator is complex.

    The working principle of disintegrator of much axis chain

    When stock from after be being entered into makings mouth, as a result of chain hammer piece the permutation between is close together, fore-and-aft space is little, the space between two rotor is very little also, = 10 Mm, and two rotor are opposite roll, so stock is eduction of the ability after smashing through be being bumped for many times. If granuality did not achieve a requirement, the stock of bigger grain won't natural eduction, stock can be bumped repeatedly, till granuality achieves a requirement ability eduction, reason granuality is lesser. Although two inclined flank have,stick makings phenomenon, also can open square mouth to build a material.

    Because next mouths are bigger, platoon makings also is extremely easy. The drive of I= 1 compares the high rotate speed that makes main shaft can obtain 1 470 R/ Min between electric machinery and main shaft, hammer piece can achieve higher kinetic energy.


    Disintegrator of much axis chain adds up to fat factory to use nearly 3 years in Liaoning Pan Jinfu, because stick the phenomenon that expect and quits the job,the machine did not appear during, as a result of,also did not appear rotor dish the wear away and makes chain flies off phenomenon of 3 edges and corners. Productivity is stable. Carry out a proof, this is a kind of structure simple, maintenance is convenient, use reliable, one kind when agree with to be able to undertake smashing effectively to agglutinant stock smashs equipment.