FP5012 classification crusher chooses the application of coal plant in Chen Silou mine

  • Chen Xiangjun (always Henan of plant of mine choosing coal saves Chen Silou of company of city coal phone always city 476600) Lang Qingji (city of Zhengzhou of province of Henan of plant of facility of metallurgy of Zhengzhou mayor city 450041 small, moving cost is low, applied effect is very apparent, it is coal, coke wait mineral idealer breaking equipment.

    Chen Silou mine chooses 1 preface coal plant is always company of city coal phone at Piao coal of the first of put into production large motive force will select coal plant 997 years in November, the design handles ability 2.4Mt/a. Broken exercise uses its raw coal crusher of roller of 2 2PCY400X800 double tine, this machine puts the main problem that be in, it is broken intensity insufficient, piece expect those who exceed bead to affect jigger badly is normal and grading; 2 it is nitrogen wastage changes greatly frequent, average 1.52 bottles / ; 3 it is tine tooth not wear-resisting, grind 23 months after making the same score, need to change new tine roller; 4 it is mobile backing plate easy bad, use safeguard difficulty.

    As a result of afore-mentioned reasons, this machine cannot satisfy the requirement that geological condition changes below the well at all. The FP5012 that Chen Silou chose coal plant to choose plant of facility of metallurgy of Zhengzhou mayor city to produce in December 1998 classification crusher was replaced use crusher formerly.

    2 structures and characteristic FP5012 crusher is FP500 series classifications one of crusher, this engine is main comprise by the 4 parts such as protector of roller of airframe, tine, gearing, overload, airframe can be divided on, below two parts, basically age by the synchronism that is located in or so two side roller box and around fender are formed, the tine tooth on tine roller uses new assembly the form is shown gyroidal decorate, gearing includes coupler of electromotor, hydraulic, reducer to wait. Overload protector basically is mixed by rotate speed sensor PC is electronic-controlled box composition.

    The main characteristic of this machine has: ① is puissant and broken, but the rock of 200MPa of broken compressive strength, piece expect without phenomenon exceeding bead. Structure of ② tooth form is had distinctly classification, broken and double function, smash too little, dust is little, product granuality is even. ③ gearing is novel, mineral separation of institute of course of study of 6T of equipment movement river is professional; Was graduated from Chinese computer to teach by correspondence 1997 academic computer and its application are professional, baccalaureate. Be engaged in picking coal management job now. Ever published a paper much more reliable. Unitization of ④ airframe structure, on, next airframe but group can divide, already but stationary installation, portable also type is installed. ⑤ ages the tooth uses new material new form, life is long and facilitate assemble and change. ⑥ is used electronic-controlled status of job of protector monitoring whole, when producing frowsty car, tine roller inverts to exclude the stock that jam automatically. ⑦ is had clean ability oneself, agglutinant stock water is divided in 30% above still but normal and broken.

    3.1 stand-alone check 3 application effect result FP5012 classification crusher stand-alone examination sees a table as a result 1. Watch 1FP5012 crusher enters makings and give makings granuality to comprise expect a makings bead class / Mm yield / % class / Mm yield / % aggregate by the watch 1 knowable: Increment of granule of broken efficiency = is 8.75% , cross chunk quantity to be Piao only. 05% . 3.2 with former crusher index contrast expresses treating capacity of project of contrast of index of 2 crusher technology / T.IT1 ton coal power comsumption / KW broken efficiency / % granule increment / % exceed an amount / % fault rate / % with former crusher index comparative result sees a table 2. Comparative result makes clear: FP5012 classification formerer crusher is in crusher treating capacity, broken face melt heavy interpose Mi changes the dead body that confuse intermediary late peak of Guo Chongtao Liu Yihuang sea (group of mining industry of north of the Huaihe River is faced melt the Anhui province of the factory that pick coal the Huaihe River, analysed the factor that affects craft result.

    The area factory that pick coal, those who use is to jump discard, heavy interpose, floatation combines technological process, by two independent production machining complex is decorated, but as a result of many sided reason, from 1990 since put into production, heavy interpose system fails to move normally all the time. Develop ceaselessly as market economy. The user is taller and taller to the requirement of product quality, rely on to jump only the requirement that craft of discard, floatation satisfies an user to be measured to producing quality hard. To stabilize product quality, contented user tastes the requirement of quality to producing, face melt the factory that pick coal invested system of 3 million yuan of heavy to odd numbers interpose to undertake technical reformation in October 1999, debugged a success in Feburary 2000, investment moves normally.

    Technological process of system of 1 former heavy interpose jumps discard thick cleaned coal is broken enter coal interpose to mix bucket and juice of eligible in suspension one case below to 20mm pump comes back into heavy interpose stream implement undertake grading, medium reclaims the system is 2 paragraphs of magnetic separation, one paragraph accepts direct magnetic separation, 2 paragraphs are used classification condense come back stream implement condense magnetic separation, medium thickener adds a system for the stiff medium in the system, mix with the suspension fluid that will offer high density water of interpose sieve gush, technological process sees.

    The area that the main problem that system of 2 former heavy interpose exists takes off interpose sieve bend is insufficient, discharge interpose ability is poor, and in the area taking off interpose that coal takes off interpose to sift is too small, bring about a product to take take to heart serious, interpose bad news increases. ' mineral separation of university of Chinese ST course of study is professional, be engaged in choosing coal plant to produce technology and administrative job now, publish a paper many. Phone: 0561-987I82 breaks efficiency raises 50t and 6.25 circumstances of percent to fall respectively, granule increment reduces 22.15 percent, exceed big bead to reduce 6.25 percent, fault rate reduces 4.9 percent, this machine specifications is better.

    4 last words make clear actually via the production that comes two years: FP5012 classification the type selecting of machine of broken magnetic separation is unreasonable, technical properties is poor, of content of the magnetism in rare medium reclaim rate is low, interpose bad news increases.

    Rare medium reclaims the system is complex, spot management and operation difficulty are great, medium thickener often appears press prong or prong not to put coarse breakdown, bring about underset density short of to set a requirement, stiff medium adds a system to cannot move normally, the system is grading density cannot be stabilized.

    Choice of position of density monitoring point is unreasonable, because be in,drop on one hand in shedding conduit, monitor, the fluid inside the canal is in very hard fill position, put in vapour lock phenomenon, wave motion of the result that monitor is accordingly bigger; Differ to come back at be being entered actually as a result of the density that monitors actually on the other hand stream implement in the density of fluid of working in suspension, because this is entered actually come back stream implement in quantity of the billabong amount that the density of fluid of working in suspension gets juice of eligible in suspension, magnetic separation concentrate and influence of water content of thick cleaned coal, although be monitored actually density is stable, enter actually come back stream implement density of medium fluid of working in suspension is stabilized very hard also, machine specifications is good, locomotive on the safe side, fault rate is inferior, the operation is simple, maintenance amount is small, and run cost low, compare with former crusher annual but cost of managing cost of raw materials, fittings, artificial cost nearly 45 thousand yuan, the effect is very apparent, it is coal, coke in waiting hard the following and mineral idealer breaking equipment.