First selection of company of home of wear of high-pressured grinder vertical, bring new business chance to machine a domain

  • At present home uses more large grinder is vertical is ground, this kind of grinder can realize nicety abrade, output is bigger, it is domestic and international large the first selection product that submerges exercise client.

    Coal is China's mainest energy component, it is far outclass oil, natural gas, water and electricity, the resource such as nuclear energy. Exceed by what SBM machinery produces press echelon grinder and edition of newer product Europe to exceed the ball mill that pressed echelon grinder to basically had replaced a tradition. And as SBM machinery the occurrence of large vertical grinder, also wait for the pink with all sorts of bigger demand to ground treatment domain to bring new business chance to coal.

    The requirement of the requirement of vertical grinder itself to stock and work environment is stricter, unwell the use at small and medium sized business. Raise quality of fuel of igneous power plant, combustion to spend, since increases the need of economic benefits of igneous power plant, it is to reduce contaminant of igneous power plant to discharge, the need that protects zoology environment.

    The abrade form that wears ring from roll arrives the design of pressure boost system, all without exception is reflecting the technical concept of higher level. This basically is decided by the structure of the sources of energy of our country, the rich coal, resource characteristic that lacking oily, little spirit is China.

    High pressure hangs roller grinder, the product of grinder of generation high pressure that according to Ramon grinder is improved and comes, addition high-pressured spring falls in the circumstance that makes sure equipment runs stability, more raised fineness of grind, promotional abrade efficiency.

    Accordingly, use equipment of proper SBM mechanical grinder to undertake to burning coal mine equipment is handled, not only can raise the utilization rate of coal to still wait for a lot of respect to have huge advantage in energy-saving, environmental protection, economic benefits greatly. Ladder grinder also is to be based on Ramon to the working principle of grinder is improved and be become likewise, drew lessons from in the process of research and development nevertheless more exorbitant the performance characteristics that presses the grinder that hang roller.

    Equip the new technology that finite liability company comes machinery of Changshu city SBM a few years devote oneself to to consider to develop pink to grind a system all the time, newly, accumulated rich practical experience, absorb digested multinomial abroad advanced technique. To satisfy the craft requirement of broad client, the company developed those who apply to each industry pink to grind a system to have the new-style equipment of high-tech content, designed pink of a few cement to grind systematic etc metalloid mine high accuracy exceeds fine pink to wear product line, vertical is ground, powdery body is machined, helped each business client of relevant industry capture a lot of technology difficulty. Partial pink grinds a technology to have initiate in the success application that exceeds fine pink trade, in exceed fine pink to grind navigate effect had inside the industry, for the enterprise implementation high yield produces the technological equipment that supplied ideal firmly, the accord that got the expert inside course of study and user reputably.

    Corporation plant area covers an area of a face to accumulate nearly 100 mus, floor area makes an appointment with 20 thousand square metre, have abundant technical equipment power, on-the-job employee 500 more than person, include technical personnel among them 50 much people, record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning is occupied 80% , senior engineer, graduate student 20 more than person. Subordinate function orgnaization includes: Department of institute of project of body of Su Cai pink, mechanical institute, production government, qualitative keep a department, purchase the branch such as ministry, administration department, financial department. The company grinds advanced technological equipment of the system through studying pink ceaselessly, in order to satisfy the newest craft requirement on the market.

    Current, company newest research and development the following product: Press of CJG series roller and adjustable the closed circuit before type does not have YFM of system of the dynamical V engine that choose pink, the Five Dynasties to grind beforehand pink grinds vertical of series of system, HRM, efficient and energy-saving muti_function dust catcher of efficient and machine of series choosing pink, energy-saving series, vibration is ground wait for new-style equipment.