The detailed brief introduction of SBM grader

  • The detailed brief introduction of SBM grader

    Classificationing is right by not the solid grain of JA of team of Xiang Li track, have the process that does not depart to size scale by dimension size. Mix in data industry a few otherer classification in the industry call again choose pink.

    Because craft and economy ask, it is the bead skin size of powdery body material with distributinging control normally inside certain limits. But in actual production, great majority smashs distributinging limits may cross the product bead skin of device wide, or the grading between bead class is unsuited, among them, outstanding issue may be a diameter too thick, or partial bead path is careful. The member that the product pledges concerns each before, each still involve alleged “ to smash too after ” phenomenon, namely additional use up smash can the problem of scene. Give this, smash exercise normally with classification combination is used, call ” of “ closed circuit to smash system, and smash without what classification task says smash for ” of “ open a way system. Smash in closed circuit in the system, classification device not only controallable smash the granuality size of the product and distributing, and can rise smash efficiency and reduce specific power consumption. In addition, high-powered classification device to smashing legal system exceeds material of fine pink body each is crucial premise condition.

    The basis classifications principle or method, classification can divide classification for screening and fluid two kinds. Screening is benefit appliance has what the compass screen surface of certain aperture dimension has solid grain to classification; The fluid classifications is to use grain the mechanical action in fluid medium, have solid grain classification. According to uses fluid medium, the fluid classifications divide again for: With gas (it is air normally) be medium call effort to classification, say dry type classifications again; With the liquid (it is water normally) be medium call hydraulic classification, say again wet classification.

    The part classifications of efficiency token is grader provide some classificationing to each bead class place efficiency, if be inside limits of all bead diameter, undertake classificationing to grader the comprehensive assessment of the effect, use normally classification integratedly efficiency (or say Newton classifications efficiency) , also can use simpler reclaim rate evaluation.

    The compass screen surface that screening is the aperture that benefit appliance has certain measure or aperture has solid grain classification. Pass hind of compass screen surface when powdery bead makings, be classificationed the makings on the sieve (the product on the sieve) with the makings below the sieve (the product below the sieve) two parts. If use N Buddhist nun screening of compass screen surface, criterion but to when obtain n10 of class of a bead classification product. Screening can use as dry method and wet exercise.

    Compass screen surface is the main job component of screening machine. The form of in the right way of sieve aperture appearance of compass screen surface, rectangle, circle and seam form, among them, compass screen surface is effective area (percent opening of compass screen surface) the biggest is a rectangle, quadrate take second place, the circle is the smallest. Compass screen surface is effective the area is larger, screening efficiency and processing capability are bigger. Material of compass screen surface has metal and nylon, balata and get together ammonia deserves to wait.

    Commonly used compass screen surface has: Marvellous a sieve, the has certain section figure steel bar that installs by a group of parallel composition, sieve aperture is a rectangle, the chunk stock that is used at granuality to be more than 50mm beforehand allow screening; Punching breaker plate, make JA by armor plate punching, sieve aperture is circle, square and rectangle to wait, dimension is 12—50mm, use at the screening of stock of medium bead class; Braid screen mesh, be braided by tinsel and become, use as industrial sieve and experiment sieve, each sieve aperture is square and rectangle before, each are square after. The aperture size that industry sifts is 3— normally, the aperture size that the experiment sifts can be less than 37”m, smaller even. Aperture size and mesh diameter have a variety of levels, sieve of our country active standard uses ISO to make, represent sieve aperture bulk with growing by the side of square aperture namely. Metric screen size is used more before this, namely with every square centimeter the place on area of compass screen surface adds up to sieve aperture amount to represent sieve aperture bulk, express screen size with the amount of the sieve aperture on 1cm length. Flower, the country such as the United States uses imperial sieve, express to sift eye with amount of the sieve aperture on every inches of length namely. Seam a sieve, buckle the it is proper to have section form that wait by the width that a group of parallel arrange sift a group JA, the sieve seams dimension to be O commonly. 25mm, O. 5mm, O. 75mm, 1mm and 2mm.

    Evaluation screening exercise basically has two technologies index, namely screening efficiency and processing capability. Screening efficiency is the member that the stock that a diameter contains to be less than aperture size in the member that show the product below the sieve that gets actually is simple and the stock that give bolt pledges than. An element that affects screening efficiency is very much, but can return to be mixed for stock property screening machine two respects.

    The screening machine that uses on industry is a lot of more phyletic, can divide roughly for: Stock movement way and compass screen surface hang down true vibrating separator rotates with what undertake cycle moves sift two kinds big.

    The fluid classifications cent is wet classification (hydraulic classification) classification with dry type (effort classifications) two kinds big. Among them wet classificationed device has: Use some kind of mechanical orgnaization will deposit big grain is seasonable from the eduction in the liquid, wait like the helix grader, grader that make type smooth with a rake, float model grader; Use gravity or will pay no attention to from mental efforts sink the grain depart eduction of a speed, be like conic and hydraulic grader, hydraulic come back stream implement, much room is hydraulic classification box. The device that dry type classifications has: Athletic part is not set inside grader, if sedimentation canister of box, tornado, use at meal to classification; Set wind leaf, runner, turn the athletic component such as full, classification in order to increase the effect, wait like grader of centrifugal type grader, disaster annulus type.