Spot of arenaceous product line of Henan SBM ceramists

  • Spot of SBM ceramists arenaceous product line

    Ceramists arenaceous utility

    Ceramists is arenaceous it is product of grain of a kind of pottery and porcelain, have very high fracture strength, basically use next propping up at oil field well, in order to raise the yield of oil natural gas, belong to environmental protection product. This product uses a variety of raw material such as high grade aluminous alumina, coal, use agglomeration of pottery and porcelain and become, it is natural quartz in waiting, low intensity props up ball of arenaceous, glass, metal ball the substitute of the agent, have favorable effect to natural gas of increase production oil.

    Oil natural gas is deep when the well extracts, tall after closing fracture of classics of low osmotic bed treats pressure, make oiliness enrages terrane to split, oil gas goes out from the assemble in the channel that break forms. Enter layer to fill up with solution of high pressure of be accompanying of the expensive aluminous stuff that prop up in terrane cranny, have the effect that be not released because of stress and closes to the cranny that prop up, retain tall diversion ability thereby, make oil gas expedite, raise yield. Carry out a proof, the wildcat that uses fracture of the high aluminous dose that prop up can raise yield 30 - 50 % , still can lengthen oil gas well to serve fixed number of year.

    Arenaceous product line of ceramists of SBM limited company introduces

    Ceramists equipment (ceramists) it is light aggregate familial in a the most important member, it is reach litter of industrial solid body to wait with mud of of all kinds clay, mudstone, slate, gangue, fly ash, shaly, silt for main raw material, the man-made light aggregate that become bead, roast via treatment and becomes. Can make up an intensity with it grade is CL30~CL60 or more the ceramists concrete of high strenth, can saying to want only is the place that common concrete can use, can use ceramists concrete mostly.

    Equipment of SBM ceramists arenaceous rotary kiln produces the spot

    Ceramists is arenaceous with ball mill

    SBM ceramists is arenaceous the machine that build bead

    SBM of ceramists arenaceous rotary kiln

    SBM of Zhengzhou of ceramists arenaceous rotary kiln

    Major of SBM limited company produces ceramists arenaceous equipment, ceramists arenaceous product line, product line of ceramists arenaceous whole set, the bag produces equipment, include installation, after the bag makes work.