Mobile and broken station takes SBM mine chance the way that building rubbish resource changes

  • Suzhou is in new round of city is large-scale construction is periodic, building rubbish produces a quantity to also enter fastigium subsequently. The basis is calculated, the building rubbish that the urban district produces every year measures about 5 million tons. Advance building rubbish science to change management, standardization to deal with to accelerate, resource is changed use, cogent solve the urban district to build rubbish problem, make the cleanest city with all one's strength, by town the appearance of a city municipal management board takes the lead, jointly with draft resolution of municipal government office, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference appoint wait for relevant business to be in room controller to go to Shenzhen, Kunming on a special trip two ground undertook survey, visited building rubbish resource to change deal with factory, pattern of the guidance system that the system researched two land building to rubbish government manages and be used integratedly, moving mechanism, management, give aid to policy.
    Current, shenzhen city already built the building litter that investment uses to handle establishment to share 9, build litter to get accept field among them 5, building litter uses a plant integratedly 4. With in believe Lang Shan of Hua Wei pond to build litter to use a factory integratedly to be exemple, this factory began to build in August 2007, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 60 thousand square metre, main processing tears open change to build litter, build in all have two product line: A product line basically is used at handling deserted concrete, concrete reductive to build aggregate; another product line basically handles deserted brick, stone, sanded, ceramic tile to wait. This factory year digestive building litter 1 million tons, aggregate of manufacturing second birth 300 thousand cubic metre, building block 350 thousand cubic metre.
    Bureau of Kunming city program put forward on December 31, 2009 " about advocate litter of town building solid deals with the program opinion of field " , the setting that deals a room to building rubbish undertakes program and cloth are nodded. According to “ from the train of thought that sets an example to carry out ” stage by stage to the standard, kunming city is built above all set an example pilot project. Building rubbish resource changes benefit to include with the project stationary, movable type and transfer type 3 kinds. Stationary has 2 demonstrative projects, year deal with measure 4 million tons, east piece area, on the west piece the area sets 1 each, main processing builds deserted concrete, brick to wait, resource turns the aggregate of road of the production after dealing with, wallboard, product such as the brick that show water. Movable type builds waste disposal equipment to have 1, in west hill area the village in city of red temple village transforms project building site to use. Transitional deal with field is existing 5, basically abandon earth, Yu Ni with accept of disappear of form of afforest of backfill, answer cultivate, to earth up, ply of to earth up is not less than 2 meters, afforest achieves park department requirement.
    Notable is, the building rubbish of these two places is broken the station is to come from limited company of machinery of mine of SBM of Zhengzhou of —— of a company. Building rubbish is mobile and broken the station can undertake broken, screening in the spot, can make grass of chromatic brick, establish through making bricky machine 15 kinds of new-style building materials such as brick of aperture of the brick, square brick, brick that show water, path tooth brick, blind. Classics exam, the compressive strength of these bricks all exceeds above of 11 million handkerchief, can replace argillaceous brick completely, not only managing land natural resources, and still protected an environment.

    Limited company edits machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine, if need to reprint,make clear please! Crusher of SBM mine machine, oppose checkmate broken machine, vertical pounds crusher, gnathic type crusher wishs an industry health develops in the round!