Fly ash produces ceramists, fly ash ceramists to produce technological equipment

  • Fly ash produces ceramists, fly ash ceramists to produce technological equipment

    Fly ash, be close from inside the flue gas after coal burns catch the fine ash that come down, fly ash is the trash of main solid body of eduction of coal fired power plant. The main oxide composition of fly ash of power plant of our country ammunition is: SiO2, Al2O3, FeO, Fe2O3, CaO, TiO2. Fly ash is one of industrial waste residue with larger amount of our country current platoon, as the development of power industry, the year after year of fly ash discharge capacity of coal fired power plant increases. Many fly ash does not add processing, can produce Yang Chen, if contaminative air; emits into water system to be able to cause a river foul, and among them toxic chemical substance still can is opposite human body and biology cause a harm. Additionally fly ash can serve as the sophisticate makings of concrete. Also can make the high grade material in ceramists product line.

    Avoid burn fly ash to pledge ceramists saves the sources of energy, craft gently handy, cost little; of low, investment is main raw material with fly ash, drop environmental negative charge, as harmonious as the environment is good, accord with the way that can develop continuously. Technology of this kind of production is simpler, device is less also, investment scale is not large, agree with quite medium and small businesses is carried out.

    1, recipe.

    Law of this one party produces avoid burn fly ash ceramists, its composition includes 75% ~ 85% fly ash, 22% cement of 13% ~ , 3% solidify of 2% ~ agent. Actor of law of this one party chooses deserve to include 80% fly ash than its composition, 17.5% cement, 2.5% solidify agent.

    2, craft.

    Law of this one party produces avoid the production methods that burns fly ash ceramists to include the following measure:

    ① undertakes fly ash dividing sifting, achieve without agglomerate, without sundry.

    ② will divide 85% fly ash of has sifted 7sY6 ~ , 22% cement of 13% ~ , agent of 3% heavy, solidify joins 2% ~ inside mixer.

    ⑧ joins the mixture material inside mixer right amount water agitate even.

    ④ joins the mixture material with even mix the machine that build bead inside, treatment is 10-20mm circle grain into the diameter.

    ⑤ controls conserve of circular grain nature 15 days or become namely with vapour conserve 24h avoid burn fly ash ceramists.

    The example of a few kinds of recipes of the fly ash ceramists that this methodological production introduces below, offer reader reference.

    ① sifts 85% minutes good fly ash, the cement of 13% , the solidify agent of 2% adds right amount water, classics agitate, make bead, conserve, make without ceramists of agglomeration fly ash. The intensity of this ceramists can amount to 3.0MPa, density 600 ~ 700kg/m3, can use at having thermal insulation of bearinged heat preservation concrete.

    ② sifts 80% minutes good fly ash, the cement of 17.5% , the solidify agent of 2.5% adds right amount water, classics agitate, make bead, conserve, make without ceramists of agglomeration fly ash. This ceramists intensity can amount to 4.0MPa, density 700 ~ 800kg/m3, can use at making ceramists air brick and ceramists block, use at building the blame main wall of the project.

    ③ sifts 75% minutes good fly ash, the cement of 22% , the solidify agent of 3% adds right amount water, classics agitate, make bead, conserve, make without ceramists of agglomeration fly ash. This ceramists intensity can amount to 6.0 MPA, density 800 ~ 900kg/m3, the light qualitative aggregate that can be used in light qualitative concrete or control ceramists air brick and ceramists block.

    3, technical point

    A few ① fly ash is due exceeding fine pink is ground, in order to raise its response rate. The cement dosage of this craft is less + the active of fly ash should get the biggest play, otherwise, join 2% ~ only the cement of 3% , assure intensity hard. Pink grinds scale to be fly ash total dosage about 20% the left and right sides.

    ② fly ash should use one class or 2 class ash, 3 class ash must not be not used via processing. Additional, had better use ash doing a platoon, cannot use wet platoon ash.

    ③ cement should use common silicate cement, cannot use sludge of acerbity brine of aluminium of low alkalescent sulfur, fly ash cement, compound cement, in order to make sure its arouse action.

    ④ if ceramists density asks to reduce, if the light simple stuff that can add certain amount is pearlite, useless get together pink of benzene powder or grain, wood, meerschaum, floatstone, expand vermiculite. When wrapping core, these light simple stuff should pulverize end, fineness it is 150 eye of 100 ~ . When Bao Xin, these light simple stuff can regard core as material, granuality is 3 ~ 5mm.

    ⑤ builds bead to had better use magnetization water with water. Use magnetization water can raise intensity to make an appointment with 10% ~ 15% . When air temperature is inferior, coagulate for hurried, can use 50 ~ the hot water of 60 ℃ .

    ⑥ is become when natural conserve, due heat preservation is protected wet cover measure. Heat preservation can enclothe quilt of cotton of careless cover with a straw mat, acrylic fibbers, mine to wait, protect wet can enclothe plastic cloth.

    When ⑦ should use vapour conserve, when can using channel kiln or inadequacy of capital of energy-saving conserve kiln, also can rebuild average house conserve kiln.

    Current, what manufacture engineering technology as ceramists is increasingly mature, the origin of raw material is increasingly extensive also, and the by-product after more enterprise chooses to use the production in the factory, these material to other industry, using value probably is not very tall, but already became one of main material source in the industry such as building materials, cement, cost is low, performance is good, this is the largest dominant position. Be like fly ash, be used already morely at industry of building materials, cement, serve as raw material or mingle an agent, can improve the performance of finished product well. Limited company of machinery of Henan SBM mine produces technical craft to consider to had had rich experience in ceramists, the product line equipment that perfects in order to mature provides fundamental support for the technology, assumed several product line to build a project in abroad in recent years, offer complete craft to seek advice for the client, equipment is offerred, the one continuous line such as free installation serves. Before welcoming domestic and international client, will look around make an on-the-spot investigation.

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