SBM mine machine builds rubbish to make bricky machine build the distinguish oneself in rubbish processing in Kunming

  • Everybody likes clean environment, especially clean and neat room, everybody does not like rubbish. Tear open change and old city to transform as the village in the city, the many building rubbish of generation, pile up toward outskirts and be filled to bury by carry. Housing materials of these bricks, concrete turned a building into rubbish. In the building rubbish handles technical guiding, these building rubbish can become new-style building materials, became high buildings and large mansions again in the hand of builder.

    The thing that building rubbish “ becomes useless to be treasure ” has minded in abroad did not blame, but in home technology of building rubbish processing is returned immature, some cities or load one's writing with fancy phrases and pile up building rubbish. But domestic certain town has handled equipment in use building rubbish, market effect is first-rate. Turn into building rubbish new-style building materials, is working site what kind of? Below the personnel after the carry out of limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine takes you to walk into Kunming spot, explain building rubbish to become whole process of the brick for you.

    In Kunming city town construction building tears open change limited company careless sea finds a place for on a of an area not large open space, the machine of a yellow is giving out a plangent sound, of the machine all round be occupied by rubbish of building of one lot lot completely full, this is the Kunming spot of mechanical limited company of Zhengzhou SBM mine. In the mouth that sees a bulldozer is putting the building rubbish of chunk into maize machine only, after a few minutes pass, from big makings mouth came out fine sand, from a makings by side the mouth came out cobble and reinforcing steel bar, iron wire. These fine sand are carried by another forklift toward ahead nearby yellow makes bricky machine by, join fly ash, cement, additive to wait, use different pattern, came out to a little while the tooth brick, establish careless brick, square brick, brick that show water, pave a road 15 kinds of new-style building materials such as the brick. These bricks by piling up trimly, a little while a truck loads these bricks, the course enquires relevant controller, just know, these bricks are mixed toward municipal construction project by carry village construction.

    This movable type builds rubbish product line of the broken, machine that make a brick, can treat a building everyday rubbish goes to 850 tons 800 tons, day is produced avoid bake bricks 80 thousand go to 100 thousand. The builds rubbish to handle equipment profit of this kind of movable type is on the spot is demolished, on the spot smashs, on the spot makes a brick, subsequently on the spot is built, discharged high carriage cost. After these building rubbish are handled, form the second birth aggregate of 50% , the road material of 32% , the material of new-style wall body of 7.5% , the municipal product of 5% .
    Product line of the building rubbish crusher of limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine, machine that make a brick, had waited for city of domestic a gleam of to apply successfully in Kunming, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing at present. Via detecting, build the brick that rubbish makes, compressive strength is in above of 11 million handkerchief, density is high, performance of the impervious that fight aspic is good, performance of adiabatic heat preservation is good, can replace argillaceous brick completely. The standardization that applies building rubbish to handle equipment smashs, screening system can make very quickly build rubbish to turn into useful material, apply at building building materials industry directly, the arenaceous Shi Ke after smashing directly produces raw material as very good brick, avoided brickyard to ask for the means of raw material to and other places of hill body, wadi so, reduced pair of rich effectively ask for, reduced the cost of segment of motion of rubbish Qing Dynasty directly at the same time.