Make lifecycle of arenaceous machine, crusher

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  • Make lifecycle of arenaceous machine, crusher can be divided commonly for 4 phase, namely investment period, into long-term, autumn and winter. 1. Investment period. Make arenaceous machine throw on the market, enter investment period. Right now, arenaceous to making machine still does not know the customer, only minority goes after new customer to may be bought, sale is very small. For patulous market, need much sales promotion fare, arenaceous to making machine undertakes conduct propaganda. In this one phase, as a result of the reason of technical respect, make arenaceous machine cannot big batch production, cost is consequently high, sale growth is slow, make arenaceous aircraft manufacturer not only cannot get profit, likely instead deficit. Make arenaceous plane performance also remain to be perfected further. 2. Grow period. At this moment arenaceous to making machine has been familiar with the client, many new customer begins to buy, market escalate. Make arenaceous machine big batch produce, manufacturing cost is reduced relatively, the sale that makes arenaceous aircraft manufacturer rises quickly, profit grows quickly also. Competitor sees profitable, will enter the market to participate in competition in succession, make congener make quantity of arenaceous machine supply increase, the price falls subsequently, make profit of arenaceous aircraft manufacturer grow speed to be decelerated stage by stage, reach the culmination of lifecycle profit finally. 3. Autumn. Market demand incline to is saturated, potential customer is already very few, sale growth is slow till turn and drop, the mark is worn made arenaceous machine enter autumn. In this one phase, compete gradually aggravate, make arenaceous machine price reduce, sales promotion cost raises, make profit of arenaceous aircraft manufacturer drop. 4. Winter. As the development of science and technology, make arenaceous machine or new substitute appear, will make consumptive habit of the client produces a change, change direction other make arenaceous machine, make the sale that makes arenaceous machine so and profit specified number drop quickly thereby. Then, made arenaceous machine enter winter again.