Meaning of research of new-style and conic crusher

  • Meaning of research of new-style and conic crusher

    Freeboard crush breaks is to show liquid pressure is below 150MPa-300MPa actuating pressure, will realize convection body stock to have dynamic accept rice broken and cold antiseptic. This technology has many states in the world (like Japan, close a country to wait) already expanded from research experiment phase the industry such as food, chemical industry, medicine and biology project produces application, and in our country each industry still is in development to study level. Crusher of extrahigh voltage efflux is one kind defeats broken technology trends to be opposite continuously with extrahigh voltage fluid stock is broken and cold antiseptic machine. It is delivered for motivation with high-pressured reciprocating pump reach stock to carry an orgnaization, carry stock to part of working a powerful person or family. The stock that wants processing is in the process that carries working a powerful person, in depend on next generation high to be cut strongly, bump and hole action, make liquid state material or the solid grain that are carrier with the liquid get exceeding be changinged imperceptibly thereby. Its advantage is pure physics process, be helpful for the protection of zoology environment, the stock that passes processing is had its former crude character, the well lengthens his the time of crude character.
    The principle with conic distinctive crusher offerred handy and fruitful way for the innovation of countless technological process and the development application of all sorts of new products, the action with extrahigh voltage broken efflux basically has: 1. Increase the uniformity of the product and stability, increase the expiration period; 2. Reduce reaction time to save a large number of activator or additive thereby.
    Document and practice prove, freeboard crush breaks the technology is having very wide development perspective in a lot of domains. Use extrahigh voltage to defeat broken technology to undertake to medical goods and cosmetic accept rice is machined. Can improve product performance, increased the skin and human body absorb. Use freeboard happy broken technology cellular wall is broken to the bacterium, broken application is wider. Extrahigh voltage motivation is antiseptic as a kind of successive cold antiseptic technology, it is the to liquid food extruding that uses extrahigh voltage generation, and when pressure is released be cut strongly and high speed is bumped wait for combined action to treat food, make structural happening destroys the cell of miscellaneous bacterium and be changed among them, be lost thereby or passivation its biology is active. Achieve antiseptic goal.
    Freeboard ungual motivation is antiseptic the to food quality deterioration that avoided groovy hot antiseptic processing to cause, it is net mechanical effect to bacterial action, as antiseptic as traditional heat fasten only in what there is essence on mechanism, conserved from the respect utmost ground such as nutrition, gust, colour and lustre the nature of food is characteristic, have distinct advantage than heat treatment so. Extrahigh voltage motivation is antiseptic the method that keeps in store as food, foreign personal classics has a lot of manufacturer to apply this technology trends to wait for food to undertake refining mixing to milk, fruit juice continuously cold antiseptic. Do not add any additive, have natural and good all sorts of property, the expiration period can amount to a year many. Be in especially advocate of food of natural low treatment, food nutritional today, the development of this kind of technology and research have real sense more. Conic crusher is the equipment with this kind of at present better technology, it has groovy broken effect not only, and can achieve reduce bacterial number, the purpose of safe and safe-deposit food. In biology engineering field, conic crusher applicable at the cell broken, collect the biochemical material such as cellular protein from inside broken content.
    As a result of the trade that conic crusher uses, need works continuously, steadily, wholesomely. This asks this equipment can match well with pre-treatment product line, active voice adjusts technical parameter, offerred the task of automata then. When crusher of efflux of automata superhigh pressure moves automatically should automata machine is fed expect and add crush to break to stock, stop automatically when occurrence breakdown machine call the police.
    As the flying development of modern science and technology, be opposite not only manufacturing process automation, also raised taller requirement to manufacturing management.
    Rise automata and union of computer management system through computer technology, market government and process control are the trend that an organic whole is development of current industry automata. Through going up a long-range monitoring that the computer can realize pair of conic crusher, record systematic pressure cost, can depict a curve of real time happy force on man-machine interface. Pass the systematic pressure of the record to be worth, can divide conveniently fold pressure to be opposite all pledge the influence of the effect.