Some machine bearing leak reachs preventive measure


    One, disintegrator bearing the problem that in moving, exists

    Disintegrator bearing bearing is used rare oil-lubricated means, bearing use bearing of half analyse type, bearing the design that carry a lid is labyrinth sealed.

    Structure of this kind of sealed means is compact, and applicable in oscillatory and lesser work environment. Its defect is treatment is reached assemble precision the demand is high.

    In the meantime, the working environment of disintegrator is burden, low speed and concussion load is relatively frequent, the vibration of rotor is maintained commonly in 180 ~ the radial deflection of 250μm is measured (can achieve 350μm most) . The bearing of disintegrator rotor in locomotive process, expression is labyrinth sealed invalidation is fast, lube leak is serious. Because this needs to study what a kind of end panel does not have leak is rare bearing of oil-lubricated half analyse type, achieve the goal of 0 leak.

    2, bearing the case study of leak

    1. Bearing structural design is unreasonable

    (1) lube road obstruction. To bearing the bearing on the discovery after disintegrate the axial that the oily channel of the design is bearing, lube undertakes lubricating through end panel, from this, bearing lube road resistance is great, lube but direct splash is built to end, cause sealed oil film to destroy. (2) lube answers oil not free. Next bearing designed unilateral spill port only, and the lube of another side stops in bearing unilateral, when lube accumulates certain level, with respect to meeting generation pressure pounds seal face, cause odd side oil subsequently the quantity is overmuch and leak. (3) bearing upright lid is not had block oil board. Lube enters bearing inside, as the roll of bearing, lube is in bearing inside splatter at will, because oily amount is larger, cause lube direct from seal face leak.

    2. In hydraulic pressure system, the pressure of lube and flow control design are impertinent (1) the pressure on the high side in hydraulic pressure system. For the design of oily system pressure is in 0.15 ~ 0.20MPa, in movement, seal ring is sealed barely of oily film ability bears this pressure, from this seal ring is sealed invalidation, oil of end panel leakage is serious. (2) the discharge in hydraulic pressure system slants big. The rated discharge of the system that offer oil is 30L/min. Because flow is large, create axial end panel sealed invalidation.

    3. Install requirement of precision short of

    This disintegrator bearing those who use is sealed for labyrinth sealed, the seal ring in movement of its support rotor and end move relatively between Gai Zhi, become the agitate striking oil that writes enchanted palace oily film state, have sealed effect thereby. This sealed treatment precision is tall, rotor seal ring and the assembly that carry a lid precision is tall, if space is little, incidental attrition wears away, reduce sealed performance thereby. In effective treatment and installation process, very inaccessible its precision requirement.

    3, transform bearing with hydraulic pressure system

    1. Bearing structural improvement principle

    (1) in bearing upside, place adds the lube channel that as oily as bearing channel matchs among bottom, ensure lube enters bearing interior entirely. (2) in bottom bearing increase oily opening of two or so circumfluence newly. (3) add on lid of or so end block oil board, block oil board and the clearance that keep corresponding between runner shaft coming back (space control is in 0.5 ~ 1.0mm) . (4) the partial labyrinth that preserves the original design that carry a lid is sealed. (5) add newly in the side outside lid of or so end tailor-made sealing ring and adjust gland.

    Sealing ring and adjust gland but the pressure according to hydraulic pressure system, discharge undertakes modulatory.

    2. The adjustment of the pressure of hydraulic pressure system and discharge principle

    The adjustment of the pressure of hydraulic pressure system and discharge the principle is to should assure bearing internal shaft acceptance of consignment turns in lubricant and good.

    4, disintegrator bearing improve what adjust with hydraulic pressure system to carry out

    1. Bearing the structure is improved

    Improve bearing the cent of around is opposite the dynamical input at rotor axis and output, after motivation inputs end to be, before output end is.

    When the job, the system that offer oil lube from cheer aperture to send bearing, the oil pocket after the oil pocket before ultimate impact mixes lube, oily aperture goes out to return the system that offer oil after giving oily Kong He once upon a time respectively. The unobstructed of oil path offerred a possibility to reduce the pressure that offer oil, avoided the happening of leak.

    Be opposite to reduce lube further the pressure of sealed structure, the oil pocket after oil pocket is mixed before parts to be carried to build the space of the annulus that block oil on to be two parts in two side by the setting, hold back major lubricating oil thereby between the annulus that block oil and bearing, decreased to block oily annulus and the lube between the end panel that carry a lid, prevented leak further.

    For the installation of convenient sealing ring, sealing ring the setting is in what gland and end build. To improve the sealed result of sealing ring, its are sectional for sunken form, direction of bearing of its groove front, make through be out of shape in the process its impaction its assure further with the contact between rotor axis.

    2. The adjustment of the pressure of hydraulic pressure system and discharge

    According to afore-mentioned analysises, must the pressure that disintegrator of new officer nucleus supplies oily system and discharge, the means of school nucleus has two kinds:

    (1) the parameter of system of new check and ratify.

    (2) according to the spot actual, use the means of demarcate, undertake check and ratify to discharge and pressure.

    Compare above nucleus of two kinds of school: The first kind of means is trival, get to what disintegrator carries parameter of system of carry on one's shoulder not quite accurate, be equivalent to redesigning system of whole hydraulic pressure.

    The 2nd kind of way is simpler, maneuverable also. Accordingly, use means of nucleus of the 2nd kind of school. (1) definite system pressure. Because offer the standard pressure limits of oily system to be between 0.15 ~ 0.20MPa, and the actual demarcate that passes the spot, contented bearing inside the pressure with lubricant bearing needs 0.1 ~ 0.13MPa only, from this preliminary check and ratify, the oil pressure of lubricant bearing is 0.12MPa, add overflow a powerful person in the system. (2) firm system flow rate. Disintegrator is 30L/min for the standard discharge of oily system, and bearing lubricates not to need so large flow, pass the actual demarcate of the spot, the discharge with lubricant bearing needs 18 ~ 23L/min only, from this preliminary check and ratify, the hydraulic pressure oily discharge of bearing is 20L/min, add control valve in the system. (3) school nucleus balance. Allow systematic pressure and discharge to be able to undertake fine tuning inside certain limits, assure the need of bearing with this.

    Through the school nucleus of above measure, disintegrator rotor bearing inside the condition with lubricant bearing is for pressure between 0.1 ~ 0.13Pa, discharge suits most for 18 ~ 23L/min.

    5, the effect

    (1) solved bearing the problem of leak. (2) of completely contented disintegrator move, fall in low rotate speed or condition of high rotate speed no matter, bearing because lubricate,the bearing inside did not appear the condition is undesirable and the bearing that cause is calorific, the breakdown such as attaint. (3) the configuration that optimizes disintegrator to supply oily system, systematic pressure, discharge and scene suit actually more, more reasonable. (4) those who reduce hydraulic pressure oil and sealed spare parts use up, after improving annual but managing 30 thousand yuan.