The installation of frame of ball mill of mineral separation equipment

  • The installation of frame of ball mill of mineral separation equipment

    900×1200 simple ball mill, it is by frame, use palate, connecting rod 1 locking bedspring, transmission and lubricant composition of cent waiting for a ministry. Contain fixed scaleboard the fixed palate of 2 is installed at ball mill frame before on the wall, the axis that use palate the two end of 13, bearing is in frame in the bearing of two side, pensile move is fixed on its have movable scaleboard of 3 use palate 4. Fixed scaleboard 2 with movable scaleboard the 3 immediate job orgnaizations that are ball mill.
    Eccentric shafe 11 rotate in headstock, the carapace on connecting rod is installed at the eccentric shafe on the axis 11 through V belt drive. In connecting rod in the two side groove of 8, fill up of bearing 5, around pushs force board to be filled up in bearing with respect to bearing. The other one aspect of the matter of two thrust board, same also bearing is filled up at bearing. Bearing pays the 5 lower ends that secure the rear wall that using palate, after that bearing mat is secured at wedge iron.
    7 join with a hinge secure horizontal pull rod to go up at moving the dangler of palate lower end, its extreme secures the rear wall in frame L to go up with bedspring. Should use palate 4 when swinging ahead, pull rod 7 will use the force that board place produces palate and thrust evenly through bedspring.
    To reduce eccentric shafe 11 revolving are inhomogenous quality, except the _ in the axis end secures the V belt that has a flywheel effect annulus outside 1 2; Still secure in another end have free wheel.
    Ball mill frame installs: Medium, small-sized ball mill uses integral frame, large crusher uses assorted frame.
    Ball mill installation is on concrete foundation, to reduce noise and oscillatory, bibulous vibration, should be among ball mill and concrete foundation, adhesive plaster of mat of a hard square wood, oak and other material. Frame installation is on the foundation or grow Fang Mu on: transverse and fore-and-aft not horizontal J tendril should accord with the requirement, frame batholith and the bolster plate between Qi Chu, must level is even and solid.
    Dismountable the union of speak or sing alternately of type combination frame handles the appearance, must good be identical. When frame coupling bolt is being assembled, had better heat 300~4000C, make its connection more close.