System of crusher platoon makings often is designed enclosed

  • Crusher gives makings size for effective control, system of its platoon makings often is become by the design enclosed. But this kind of structure should be in expect granuality demand is little or going out is to be when stock water content is higher, its discharge makings system to jam via regular meeting happening, after making, be rebounded to attack by broken toothed segment again strike back to peen board with other broken toothed segment, stock makes a round trip in broken antrum bounce, collide each other in bounce process. The stock that obtains design granuality requirement is in eduction from broken antrum mouth. Give the adjustment of makings granuality, through adjusting toothed segment and the clearance between hammer coming back are finished. Finely the likelihood that prevents a crusher to did not jam completely, be at ease use, have nothing worry about. Construction of or so symmetrical type is finely prevent a crusher to be construction of or so symmetrical type, installation is agile. After left and broken toothed segment wears away, but rotor converse rotate, right is broken toothed segment continues to throw the job. Agile and quick adjustment is finely the mechanical adjustment that prevents a crusher to use echelon whorl and composition of pull rod combination, can need to undertake the adjustment of broken clearance directly according to production by the worker, achieve control to give the goal of makings granuality thereby. Its adjust the procedure is simple easy control, effect beautiful. Its basically comprise a component to be airframe rotor and adjustment. Broken harmonious is mixed by peen bracket toothed segment strike back board wait for a part to comprise. Plan of adjustment of bracket toothed segment is finely prevent a crusher structure diagram broken antrum bottom is open , and peen toothed segment strikes back board all comprise by the tall manganese steel of high strenth, what can assure pair of stock already so is effective and broken, can rise to defend an action again. In industrial experiment, we are right one finely the broken ability that prevents a crusher undertook determining in detail. The water content after stone of annihilate of coal of Jincheng of broken stock Shanxi adds water artificially designs rotate speed of crusher of power of test of power electric machinery for electric machinery analysis of 2 tests data, this machine is when rotate speed is certain, give the stock that makings granuality is less than, its scale all is in above, finely effect is distinct. If press a design to ask to configure electric machinery, its are finely scale still can have huge to rise. Crusher of type of teeth of a cogwheel what wait for stock to mine of argillaceous mine gesso is broken more suit, nonexistent jam the problem of makings mouth. By the outstanding advantage of crusher of afore-mentioned type of teeth of a cogwheel, inevitable meeting is produced to broken plant design manage and safeguard bring positive beneficial effect.