Major makes arenaceous machine produce manufacturer

  • Henan SBM mine was built 1978 since mechanical limited company, it is collect makes design of arenaceous machine research and development, production make, the company of new and high technology that management sale is an organic whole, it is to be engaged in big, medium series makes arenaceous machine, grinder and research and development of equipment of mineral separation form a complete set give birth to the professional corporation that produce. Through development of 30 years, product quality had absolutely safeguard, the company is located in Chinese Zhengzhou development of new and high technology, cover an area of about 50 thousand square metre, own standardization factory building 15000 square metre, issue administer 3 cent factory and a mechanical institute.
    Henan makes arenaceous machine is to produce a building to use arenaceous special device, special apply to the abrasive that make, fireproof material, cement, quartz arenaceous, steel mine of stone of pink of Cha of arenaceous, furnace, copper mine, iron ore, gold aggregate of pebble of arenaceous, river, concrete, bitumen aggregate a variety of, of fragile stock finely with in broken, it is a kind of efficient, energy-saving clastic rock makes arenaceous equipment, make arenaceous machine than the tradition energy-saving 50% , be the cage on eye preexistence bound make arenaceous equipment.
    Company main product includes E Shi crusher series, strike back crusher of type of type crusher series, direct impact (make arenaceous machine) series, pressing crusher of type of crusher of conic crusher, complex formula, hammer, oscillatory feeder is new-style make arenaceous machine series of row, round vibrating separator, wash arenaceous machine, apply to the industry such as mining industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, coal, fireproof material extensively.
    Person of limited company of machinery of Henan SBM mine is with user satisfaction go after from beginning to end, will more than 30 years innovate ceaselessly, surmount ceaselessly, constant challenge, supply the high grade equipment of 100% for the client hard. Quality of product of believe in of person of limited company of machinery of Henan SBM mine is the life of the enterprise, more pursue sincere letter, deal with concrete matters relating to work, efficient management this, hold to with character casting with respect to the brand, in order to serve promotion brand.
    Stand in new start, company general with " respect helps each other, care is harmonious " social responsibility, take an active part in national economy construction, with " sincere letter is this, science and technology is first, innovation is fetch " business purpose, win honor for oneself, more the client creates value, create wealth for the society.

    Widen gradually as what make arenaceous machine field, the equipment with backward technology cannot have gotten used to current mechanism artificial sand Shi Sheng produces a demand, the client puts forward with " new-style " make arenaceous machine, " efficient " finely machine, " advanced " the demand that makes arenaceous machine is globaller and globaller also, arenaceous device of a few new-style mechanisms also emerge as the times require.

    In last few years, as the rapid development of industry of freeway, mining, bldg. , the mechanism makes arenaceous field be opposite artificially the demand that makes arenaceous machine, crusher also increases in year after year. Current, be in whole the direct without the choose and buy still way in making arenaceous trade, create option of blind of a few clients, it is a kind of loss to the client, form undesirable competition to a few normal machinery plants, affected the healthy progress that makes arenaceous trade badly.

    A few respects must note when the choice makes arenaceous equipment manufacturer.

    Numerous the product that makes arenaceous machine produce manufacturer to publicize his eagerly, of the result of baleful conduct propaganda is to rarely the client can share Islamic bogus, more clients are to be being returned when doing not have there's still time to know equipment detail, conclude with respect to carelessly plan, the crusher equipment that chooses as a result cannot be achieved expect an end, waste investment cost for nothing.

    No matter be in an enterprise dimensions, still be product technology; No matter be credit,spend, still be product quality and after service quality, whether the client can be at ease of the choice. When offerring field assembly to serve to the client, whether can send professional technology to serve personnel to attend installation, debug the job, run normally till equipment, offer corresponding technology to groom service.

    And the technology that makes manufacturer of arenaceous aircraft equipment mostly now still is in tend immature phase, the product quality of equipment is more uneven, quite one part company just is planning how to make money, can pledge the product rarely quantity, client demand and service consideration are comprehensive. The manufacturer that has actual strength can select new product of science and technology of research and development, will gain competitive advantage, and company of a few diminutive, oneself organize the technical equipment with scientific research team and advanced production without ability, the result also is being hit " new-style " product, " advanced " the technology inside the industry of catchword conduct propaganda such as equipment is already dated antiquated product.

    Want to inspect a few manufacturer more above all, whole side will inspect the actual strength of this manufacturer, credit, dimensions is waited a moment... receive fall even if had better look around to the manufacturer room of this manufacturer, with respect to the product quality of this factory, manufacturing technology, and the manufacturing maturity of technical level. If possible sentence, best the mechanism arenaceous device that can let this manufacturer take a client to visit them to be done to the client produces the spot, because use client site,conversation just is the most authoritative, the most convincing.

    The crop that is the spot circumstance according to him client and program then will choose to make arenaceous aircraft equipment suitably, and during equipment is moving how should be if appear,breakdown solved, should have the plan after a clear carry out with this manufacturer. Finally, when ordering goods contract with this manufacturer label, should read carefully order goods contract, if send the place of existing careless omission to should complement in time, lest needless economic issue produces after signing a contract.