Force of cement industry labor was waited for 2012 hair

  • Force of cement industry labor was waited for 2012 hair

    Cement industry " 925 " development target is, to 2015, industry of dimensions above industry raises a cost year all grow 10% above, production of before 10 companies is spent centrally achieve 35% above. Cement industry annex recombines accumulate contain investment opportunity, deal with in coordination development space is very large also, dealt with in coordination 2015 line scale is achieved 10% , make cement company into circular economy business, become a city " purifier " , it is the way that prospective cement industry develops.

    "925 " the crucial period that is transition of our country economy, but glide stage by stage as CPI, monetary finance policy will appear likely directional and comfortable, additional western big development, irrigation works invests to wait quickly a series of " maintain growth " measure, make sure cement demand was added 2012 fast will maintain 7.8%~8.5% to control steady growth about. Predict cement industry was produced 2012 can utilization rate will be achieved 93.53% , the industry needs what sue for peace furnishs to deserve to improve apparently than happening.

    Energy-saving environmental protection gives force cement the industry secondhand

    "925 " during, cement industry will carry out the energy-saving technical reformation that decrease a platoon energetically, carry out clean production, reduce integrated specific power consumption, reduce contaminant to discharge, exert oneself reduces the main contaminant such as sulfur of carbon dioxide and azotic oxide, 2 oxidation to discharge, build product line must efficiency of construction of form a complete set does not take off saltpetre device under the flue gas of 60% . Control dust strictly to discharge at the same time, promotion decreases a platoon to fall new technology of a confusion of voices, new facility, raise bulk cement to use scale further.

    Countrywide cement discharged azotic oxide to make an appointment with 2 million tons 2010, 10% what occupy countrywide nitrogen oxide to discharge gross about, "925 " oxide of nitrogen of industry of cement of the requirement in the program discharges a standard from 800 milligram / standard cubic metre rises to 400 milligram / the standard is cubic, after new standard comes on stage, recombine to also can rise to urge action to cement industry annex.

    Fall into disuse backward produce can accelerate annex to recombine

    "925 " during, to optimize cement region composition, advantage company will increase annex to recombine strength. Produce in strict control can outspread, hold to the displacement that reduce an amount to lag behind produce can below policy, before large-scale go up new line mode is impossible already, buy strength to be increased necessarily. The drive person of prospective area conformity is area bibcock enterprise, value future Ji Dong cement, Huaxin cement, Yataiji is round the annex that wait recombines strength.

    " condition of cement industry admittance " point out clearly, build project of cement grog product line must strict according to " wait for a quantity or decrease a quantity to fall into disuse " the principle is carried out. " cement industry " 925 " development plans " put forward, to 2015, fall into disuse basically backward produce can, supportive advantage company crosses a region, cross a trade, cross system of ownership to carry out combination to recombine, energetically company of sludge of the urine in conformity, raise an industry to be spent centrally, to 2015 end, strive cement company door number decreases than 2010 1/3.

    Much element is cement offer " safeguard "

    Ensure a room: "925 " during estimation of safeguard room investment is achieved 1.87 trillion, the proportion that holds whole estate investment will be achieved 25% . The Ministry of finance announces to will be safeguard room to build bankroll support further, include to increase central budget to allocate, widen channel of local financing source, encourage establish special fund to invest safeguard room project, offer pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange of safeguard room loan to wait.

    Irrigation works construction: Irrigation works builds the serious content that regards a country as a file, be benefited easily credit is directional and full policy, investment growth exceeds expectant possibility the biggest, predict the infrastructure such as irrigation and water conservancy built investment strength to will continue to get strengthening 2012.

    Capital construction: Outside dividing railroad and highway, investment of fixed assets of public traffic of our country city exceeded 190 billion 2011, through traffic of each city orbit construction plans to look, "925 " during course of development of construction of circuitry of program of subway of countrywide each city, light course will achieve 2600 kilometers, construction invests program forehead to will amount to 1.27 trillion yuan.

    Rural demand: 20% what at present rural cement demand takes cement total demand about, take rural construction seriously increasingly as the country, a series of policy that improve project of network of system of housing of a rural area, water and electricity, transportation will be pulled change rural cement requirement. "925 " during the country will exceed 200 billion yuan to highway construction investment of the country, add building materials go to the countryside pilot limits expands, cement demand of the country will be the increment of a determinism.