PSGB conic crusher is in Meng Si hydraulic pressure on the west the success application of face of broken ballast cubic metre of stone

  • The personnel after machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine made work recently visited Zhengzhou client of product line of stone of ballast of railroad of red stone hill.

    Railroad ballast original rock

    Railroad ballast product line

    Crusher of PE900×1200 gnathic type

    Design of crop of product line of this railroad ballast is 200 / hour, 8 hours of duty, year man-day number: 250 days, produce per year iron approach broken bits 500 thousand the left and right sides. Broken stock original rock is entered commonly expect in 50-70 centimeter is controlled, mohs hardness is 9.6 class, equal difference of hardness and river pebble, granite, diabase is not much. Si0 of main and chemical composition is occupied 93.3% , density is not less than 3.12g/cm3, can regard advanced railroad ballast as material. Advocate equipment uses jaw of ZSW1256 feeder, PE900×1200 round vibrating separator of type crusher, PSGB1600 conic crusher, 3YK2475. Granuality of railroad ballast finished product is in 3-7 centimeter, aggregate bead exceedingly good, needle piece form content is low, little at 5% , be used at local railroad to build by bureau of railroad of Zhengzhou, Luoyang.

    PSGB hydraulic pressure is conic crusher

    Close the round vibrating separator of condition

    Company of this stone building materials holds water at be in last centuries 80 time, original product line uses crusher of type of PE thick jaw + the producer type of crusher of type of PEX fine jaw, not only fragile wear away fast, 20 days change board of another name for Hubei province; And aggregate bead too poor, needle piece form content is high, create market bad. The crusher of type of PE thick jaw that uses design of SBM mine machine later + the manufacturing technology of PSGB conic crusher, not only wear-resisting service life is long, the portion switched on the mobile phone in March 2012 September, the wear-resisting of conic crusher: Broken wall, the another name for Hubei province with broken jaw board wait to never had changed, reduced manufacturing cost of the client, increased economic benefits! And because the lamination of conic crusher is broken broken principle, aggregate bead submit stereo form, needle piece form content is little at 5% . Switch on the mobile phone the following day, group of expert of bureau of railroad of Zhengzhou, Luoyang will check and accept stone, product percent of pass achieves railroad bureau to ask.

    Produce manufacturing high grade aggregate: Railroad ballast stone

    Railroad ballast uses the site

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