Furnace of use coal aerification - coal makes geometric ratio of gas and report, oily, natural gas relatively

  • Furnace of use coal aerification - coal makes geometric ratio of gas and report, oily, natural gas relatively

    Gas happening the process with furnace gas generation, also call coal to make energy of life. It is a kind of facility that can have gas of coal translate into burning giving out heat and process, because use efficiency to the sources of energy tall, energy-saving environmental protection, sell well from beginning to end in recent years accordingly the market.

    Coal or coke, half anxious wait for solid fuel, often be pressed in high temperature or below pressurization condition, with aerification agent reaction, production of translate into gas and a few residual processes. Aerification agent basically is vapor, air (or oxygen) or their mixture is angry. Aerification reaction included a series of homogeneous phase and chemistry of blame homogeneous phase to react. Earning gas production inspects a coal of the makings that use Yuan to pledge, the sort of aerification agent and aerification process differ and have different composition, and can divide enrage for air coal, half water gas, water gas. Coal aerification process can be used at producing fuel gas, is mixed with gas as industrial kiln furnace the city is gas, also use at Xuan to make synthetic energy of life, and regard synthesis as ammonia, synthesize methanol and the Yuan makings that synthesize liquid fuel. It is one of important processes of coal chemical industry.

    Aerification process: Although of different place of coal aerification method is used craft each are not identical. But their basic course all includes coal material treatment, aerification reacts and gas purify processing a few parts. The aerification response of coal is mixedder. Inside aerification furnace early or late or coinstantaneous oxidation burns, return Yuan, change, the reaction such as armour alkylation. React equation is basically:

    Type (5) , (6) , (7) is endothermic reaction, yu Wei exothermic reaction. Type (6) is coal aerification advocate one of reaction. Type (7) is type (the deputy reaction of 6) , temperature prep above when 1000 ℃ negligible, type (8) reacts for carbon monoxide commutation, in activator only existence issues ability to undertake in order to show the rate of the move. Type (9) , (10) , (11) issues outbalance in pressurization aerification.

    In aerification process, child of gas phase of one part carbonization, as aerification condition different, direct or become carbon dioxide via changing, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane the component that wait and makes aerification product.

    Gas differ because of origin, have different name: Gets coal carbonization gas calls Jiao Lu gas. coal (or coke) burn below not complete condition attainable happening furnace is gas. Be like the charcoal of high temperature and vapor action, can get water gas. Puddling still has quite a few to be able to light composition in the gas of blast furnace eduction, make blast furnace gas. Produce heat gas with blast furnace gas and main it is carbon monoxide. Jiao Lu is gas contain a lot ofhydric, firedamp, still have carbon monoxide. Water gas basically is carbon monoxide is mixed hydric. The calorific value that Beijing coal makes conduit enrage is 4000 kilocalorie / stere.

    The liquefied petroleum gas divides kind:

    The main component that catalytic splitting decomposition enrages is as follows (%) : Hydric 5 ~ 6, methane 10, ethane 3 ~ 5, ethylene 3, propane 16 ~ 20, propylene 6 ~ 11, butane 42 ~ 46, Ding Xi 5 ~ 6, contain 5 carbon Yuan child the hydrocarbon of above kind 5 ~ 12.

    The main component of hot tearing vent one's anger is as follows (%) : Hydric 12, methane 5 ~ 7, ethane 5 ~ 7, ethylene 16 ~ 18, propane 0.5, propylene 7 ~ 8, butane 0.2, Ding Xi 4 ~ 5, contain 5 carbon Yuan child the hydrocarbon of above kind 2 ~ 3. Calorific value of liquefied petroleum gas is 26000 kilocalorie / stere.

    Natural gas cent is two kinds: One kind is to contain methane to call dry natural gas more (dry gas) , contain methane normally) of bulk of 80 ~ 99%(, the methane content of individual gas field can be as high as 99.8% . Another kind is to divide contain methane beyond, still contain the gas of more ethane, propane, butane, call wet natural gas (damp) , or weigh much oilier natural gas. Natural gas calorific value 9227 kilocalorie / stere.

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