Driving principle detailed separates function of crusher of SBM machine gnathic type

  • Driving principle detailed separates function of crusher of SBM machine gnathic type

    In us daily in, ore dressing plant or arenaceous stone factory apply in production most is gnathic broken. Be likened to with other crusher, jaw is broken have cost low, efficiency is advanced good qualities. The demand that jaw cuts pair of wear-resisting is exceedingly high, the gnathic plank of crusher of general jaw type is tall wear-resisting manganese steel character. When jaw cuts the job, its broken antrum inside two jaw board (manganese steel) , at the same place jaw board is to secure immobile to call again (calm jaw) , it is above end slightly outward edge tilts) fixed go up in the wall before crusher housing, our common that another jaw board is flow going there and back says (move jaw) also call gnathic tongue, the position tilts, as it happens with what secure jaw board forms an echelon to go up to finish little broken speech greatly (working antrum) .

    Going from place to place jaw board the reciprocate that undertakes crushing taking knead to stationary jaw plate, then is apart, then is stood by. When two jaw board are apart, stock enters broken antrum immediately, this moment, already broken good finished product the bottom eduction from crusher; When two jaw board lean, make the stock that takes broken pitch is headed the active force of knead by the extruding of two jaw board, undertake to stock action makes stock broken thereby bending fold and be breakinged off cracking thereby. Undertake realizing broken whole process to stock.

    The research and development that Inc. of Henan SBM machine devotes oneself to mine machinery for years and make, will win the client's reliance by its excellent service and good product quality for years, the jaw that research and development of Henan SBM machine produces is defeated is to use the most extensive crusher at present, this equipment is had broken more average than granuality of big, finished product, moving cost is low, structure simple, maintenance is convenient wait for good qualities, be being designed especially and produce large gnathic broken field, SBM machine Inc. already was in within the country banner level. Gnathic broken main application at broken produce line the first broken working procedure, can use alone already, also can use with form a complete set of other and broken product. So the working principle that the user must be familiar with another name for Hubei province to defeat in the round, and the minor failure of the generation in knowing the machine is producing a course.