Arenaceous product line of SBM mine mechanism develops toward direction of green environmental protection

  • The country advocates green environmental protection, especially as the whole world calefacient, after certain rich decreases, each countries on the world take green environmental protection seriously more, strive to create homeland of environmental protection of a green. Promote wh whichever trade, want to develop toward direction of energy-saving environmental protection, green, low carbon. Mine machinery industry is not exceptional also, the cobble of research and development of SBM mine machine makes arenaceous product line, also forward way of green environmental protection develops.

    Of SBM mine machine make arenaceous product line, include feeder, another name for Hubei province broken, instead checkmate, make arenaceous machine, wash the equipment such as machine of arenaceous machine, vibrating separator, leather belt to comprise. Perhaps, everybody can ask, why to deploy fine arenaceous reclaim? Because the client is mirrorred to us, be in wet in making arenaceous product line, via washing the sand that arenaceous machine rinses, very much fine sand was swept. So, research and development of machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine fine arenaceous reclaim device, can reclaim effectively the fine sand of prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Not only the yield that raised to make arenaceous product line, still purified an environment, do not cause environmental pollution. And the price of fine sand is more expensive than average sand price, so, still can increase income.
    The green that makes arenaceous product line develops a course to undertake as the plan of national freeway, arenaceous stone manufactures medium dosage in the society also one step by step increased, make equipment of arenaceous product line sell well extensively in the industry also thereby, machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine also is increasing the job of the production that makes arenaceous production equipment and design of facilities of newer advanced production stage by stage, comply with tendency of the day, go can develop way continuously.
    Since machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine holds water oneself, with respect to the research and development machine of infuse of element of green environmental protection in, of research and development fine arenaceous reclaim, make efficient and processing of rubbish of arenaceous product line, building, finely machine, conic skin wait, belong to the good product of energy-saving environmental protection, get of broad user love. And still provide perfect service system, before offerring carry out, after carry out counteracts carry out, serve in the round, stand in the client's footing, provide the product line of reasonable, economy for the client, make a product popular domestic and international.