SBM mine machine: Building rubbish changes building materials of new-style environmental protection uses the body extensive

  • Tear open change and old city to transform as the village in the city, produce many building rubbish every year. How should these building rubbish do, it is to be placed in not only municipal the problem before, also be the problem that all citizen place cares. The traditional method that handles building rubbish is bury or load one's writing with fancy phrases, but so unscientific processing method, not only embezzlement land, still pollute an environment, and even destroy surface water and groundwater. Is a kind of processing had to drop these machines that build rubbish on the market? The answer is affirmative. Abroad handles the technology that builds rubbish to compare maturity, and our country still is in start level, the technology is mature with each passing day also.
    Limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine is in after seeing building rubbish, produced research and development the impulse of this kind of machine. The course tries hard ceaselessly, with first appeared on the market successfully in Kunming 2008. Had waited for city of domestic a gleam of to apply successfully in Shenzhen, Kunming, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Beijing at present. After rubbish is handled via reclaiming, the building is used afresh again, can protect natural resource already so, can reduce the building rubbish effect to the environment again. Review waste material of the building on the world to use the use case of better country, the recycle that builds waste material can divide roughly for 3 level: (1) elementary use, be like run-of-mill backfill; (2) intermediate use, if use as building or viatic foundation material (building foundation except) ; (3) advanced use, if make up concrete as aggregate of degree of finish,use at building structural component part (like block) , road facing, production cement.
    Look the each country on preexistence bound builds waste material reclaim utilization rate is different, the utilization rate of the developed country is higher, developing country utilization rate inferior or did not use. The building rubbish of research and development of limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine handles equipment, through making bricky machine, still can make building materials of new-style environmental protection, be like tooth brick, chromatic brick, establish careless brick, appear water brick, appear canalage tooth brick, air brick, the brick of 15 kinds of new-style environmental protection such as sincere brick. Via concerning sectional testing, compressive strength amounts to these bricks above of 11 million handkerchief, have good impervious leakage character, and adiabatic coefficient of the brick stipulates than relative standard the cost is high 50% , fired brick of prep above of heat preservation function, compressive strength is higher than fired brick 30% wait for an advantage, the multinomial index such as performance of capacity, hot industry the argillaceous brick with common excel.
    Processing system of rubbish of movable type building has portable, dirt small, noise is little, cover an area of wait for 4 big characteristics less. Although domestic town is very much now,rubbish of accumulation mountainous building is on the village in the city, building site that tear open change, but the standardization that uses this kind of machine smashs, screening system can make very quickly build rubbish to turn into useful material, apply at building building materials industry directly, the arenaceous Shi Ke after smashing directly produces raw material as very good brick. Avoided brickyard to ask for the means of raw material to and other places of hill body, wadi so, reduced pair of rich effectively ask for, reduced the cost of segment of motion of rubbish Qing Dynasty directly at the same time.