Fill note search to collect waste rock material broken treatment enters condition and carry out travel

  • Carriage → of technological process adhesive plaster falls big vibrating separator of → of makings → feed a machine chooses → Cha piece gives makings → to enter crusher → adhesive plaster to carry → to fall via small vibrating separator into makings storehouse → makings specification: Raw material undertakes filtration via big vibrating separator above all, partial makings falls into leather belt to carry to batch pile, makings of the others chunk enters hopper classics feeder to send to small vibrating separator, send crusher via small vibrating separator, classics crusher is broken fall into the batch pile on leather belt.

    Power supply distribution uses 660V and 380V two kinds of voltage, among them crusher uses 660V, other and all use 380V, systematic general power is 141KW. (power supply system pursues) 2, equipment of equipment moving process starts: Crusher → of → of two leather belt is small brace up equipment of big vibrating separator of sieve → feeder → stops: Big brace up sieve → feeder → is small brace up sieve → crusher → two leather belt 3, the processing gangue of main technique difficult problem and simple stuff stone have very big different, main distinction is there is iron in gangue, destroy crusher easily, and iron cannot enter fill filling; 2 it is because rain,gangue often is met, the reason such as the aspersion below the well becomes damp, create a machine cannot normal and broken; 3 be there is wood in gangue, braid the manufacturing litter such as the net, meeting influence is broken with quality of waste rock aggregate. Accordingly broken gangue needs to solve the following 3 technologies issue: 1, the iron in handling gangue; 2, undertake below damp circumstance broken; 3, of all kinds and sundry sorting.

    Solved these 3 problems, the technology that ability has be produced normally and assuring waste rock aggregate asks.

    Be aimed at the first problem, we took 3 step: 1, there is person specially assigned for a task to make be chosen first on link of feed a machine, prevent large iron wait like I-steel, pillar, orbit enter a system; 2, fixed on vibrating separator magnet, prevent bigger iron plywood of the shoe that be like iron, path, snap ring enter crusher; 3, magnet is installed on carriage leather belt, in small iron after waiting to escape from the leakage on vibrating separator magnet like iron wire, screw, suck from iron of admiral of carriage leather belt clean; Be aimed at the 2nd problem, we took two step: 1, collocation has drier and wet stuff when feed a machine, ensure broken makings cannot pass wet; 2, have primary election with vibrating separator, fall fines into leather belt directly, feed lump gangue crusher; Be aimed at the 3rd problem, we took two step: 1, in feed a machine, stored in a barn, carry, the sorting of link arrangement person specially assigned for a task such as put in storage; 2, vibrating separator chooses reasonable gradient, make waste rock expects traversal speed is proper, suit personnel sorting; 4, of safe problem in handling this system to move, we discover the element of safe production of a few influences, we take reliable step through passing, put an end to the happening of safe accident.

    The main step that we take accident getting an electric shock has: 1) make special ground connection extremely, system of will all equipment has ground contact; 2) operation voltage turns into entirely 36V; 3) switch must be accomplished " 4 big " (leakage of electricity, ground connection, flow too, be short of) protection is complete; 4) overhaul equipment must closedown of switch power cut; Expect Shi Fei splashs a person 1) all runner must have shield; 2) crusher mouth installs fortify to fly leather belt and prevent flying chain; 3) crucial position personnel should wear good safety helmet to mix defend glasses; The happening that fire accident prevents when electric solder 1) 15m is forbidden all round electric welding exercise have combustible explode easily article; 2) circuitry of electric welding power supply ensures in good condition; 3) span of bottle of oxygen, acetylene maintains 5m above safety to be apart from; 4) watch of torch, pressure, answer firearm to ensure in good condition; 5) abide by operating rules of relevant and safe technology; 3.4 other accident 1) in had done all round tunnel protect bar, prevent personnel to fall; 2) forbidden throw stock from altitude; 3) enter the overhaul inside equipment must power cut; 4) take iron from magnet must stop equipment; 5) person and safety of above of forklift protection 2m are apart from; 6) waste rock hill turns over next square forbidden somebody when makings; 7) the forklift is taken in waste rock hill there should be custody of person specially assigned for a task when makings; 5, the last word still has a few problems to need to be perfected further and be improved in filling up the production of aggregate is carried out, if adopt,fall reliably dirt measure, decrease or put an end to Yang Chen; Study high strenth peen, decrease to change peen frequency or change the crusher of other form; Blame iron sorting of stock armrest labour, collect not easily, need those who do vibrating separator of good stuff entrance to choose the job and other issue.