SBM mine machine---The effect of crusher

  • Wear-resisting —— bar and strike back board all develop independently by institute of material of wear-resisting of SBM mine machine, use high grade and super Gao Ge cast-iron, special type craft is made, the main shaft of rotor of crusher of 1.5 times; that service life is congener product uses 4-5 of have more than needed of intensity of Shuanglian of steel of artillery of war industry high strenth, vacuum times, rotor uses WHM2 footwork to exceed technology of apply of good appearance frit, raise 2 times above than life of v of groovy wear-resisting welding rod.

    Produce can the PF2325V stone that machine of advantage ——SBM mine produces is special capability of the biggest processing amounts to crusher only station hourly 1000-1500 ton, per unit area yield is produced can country is the biggest.

    Special crusher is in the large stone that machine of mine of ——SBM of finished product aggregate produces original strike back undertake improvement on the foundation of type crusher, manufacturing aggregate shows appearance of substance of cubic, arris to accumulate the biggest, the as strongest as cement union scale, it is high buildings and large mansions, freeway roadbed, dam irrigation works builds best aggregate.

    Aircraft of mine of social benefit ——SBM is large stone is special crusher is designed in the light of stone character, produce can big, noise small, manufacturing efficiency is tall, efficient and energy-saving environmental protection.

    Rise ceaselessly as what the country asks to building aggregate, SBM mine machine produces special crusher drives this stone that for stone broken quantity decides personally environmental protection of our country green is energy-saving the development of equipment, bring good news for the industry such as building materials, also established new milepost in domain of large breaking equipment for our country.