SBM crusher should build development to national irrigation works to innovation change

  • SBM crusher should build development to national irrigation works to innovation change

    Occupy statistical data to show, our country industrialization, town changes rapid development, of resources environment restrict increasingly outstanding, demand of tigidity of mineral products resource increases apparently. Nearly 10 years, as mine resource consumption big, add fast accelerate, our country already became the state with the biggest consumption of the coal on the world, steely, alumina, copper, cement, multiresource external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent climb ceaselessly litre, geology of undersecretary of ministry of land natural resources, China investigates bureau director Wang Min to point out, the resource bottleneck issue of prospective our country will be more outstanding, resource situation will be more grim. In developing as big country, must home of base oneself upon, raise resource to ensure ability substantially. Crusher industry regards industry of mineral products resource as one of essential industries, its developing problem also is the main factor that restricts mineral products resource to develop quickly steadily, accordingly, pattern of the mode transition that makes good crusher trade, management, with when the job of the respect such as innovation, it is the good way that solves oneself problem.

    Since reforming and opening, manufacturing industry experienced machinery of our country mine to introduce digest absorb abroad to machine technology, collaboration is designed and be made first, the development road of own design, mine machinery is a breed in machinist job construction of various, facility complex, demand is big, applicable the mechanical industry with wide range. According to its utility can be divided roughly grind equipment, mine to use equipment of sizing device, washing and roast equipment to wait for 7 kinds big for the pink such as grinder of excavate equipment, hoist, facility for transporting, stone crusher, in economy construction, science and technology progresses and very significant position and effect are had in social progress, belong to the pillar industry of national economy. In the country of correct guidelines how-to below, mine machinery manufacturing industry realized two about-face basically. It is product development by be modelled on model to own innovation change; 2 it is economy moves by extensive model to benefit change.

    National infrastructure relies on project machine and mine machinery to be built jointly, in order of industry of broken machinery of near future home, crusher already was accepted by people place to the production of arenaceous stone aggregate in establishment construction, be in short supply arenaceously naturally, the production of artificial sand stone got more large-scale application, but because be mixed through advanced crusher,also be make arenaceous aircraft equipment, artificial sand stone and condition are identical and natural arenaceous photograph is compared, deserving to compare material of design, other to shape below the situation with conserve same condition, the characteristic that gives concrete with artificial sand configuration is: Slump is reduced, intensity of concrete 28d standard rises. At making up high strenth grade through studying people discovers artificial sand is particularly comfortable concrete, high-powered concrete is mixed pump sends concrete. Irrigation works constructs the main index that is national development, to fulfil a file is right in the center of this year the demand that orgnaization of service of basic level irrigation works builds, irrigation works ministry, Ministry of finance, medium make up do will publish specific directiveness document, with two years time builds the basic level irrigation works that enclothes completely basically to serve an orgnaization, irrigation works of perfect basic level serves a system, irrigation works of comprehensive promotion basic level serves ability. Mine machinery builds the most powerful assistant as infrastructure, in construction of irrigation works establishment, mine machinery should produce its due effect more. Machinery of mine of SBM machine major produces manufacturer, the crusher series product that roll out and the stone product line that big crop produces, the application in making the equipment such as arenaceous product line be built in national infrastructure is wide.