Feed product smashs the workload of workshop section big

  • The stand or fall of quality management product of feed product use process wants the opinion of basis user finally. The quality of reason feed mill manages, must from production the process is outspread to use process. The quality management of use process includes a product to carry, a series of technologies such as opinion of user of feedback of sale, service, information, seasonable processing and administrative activity. If afore-mentioned activities are unwarrantable quality, the good product that production gives also cannot develop good function, good performance. Carriage finished product should be accomplished " seasonable, accurate, safe, economy " principle. Product sale is to reflect the central segment salesperson of product economic benefits to want to notice the market is dynamic, take product quality seriously, establish good company image, solve the difficult problem of the user actively. Do well the farm of technical service development of the product and in breeding a specialist, specific guidance is mixed service, help user control raise method and dosage correctly, make the product produces optimal effect. Feedback at any time the user feeds the effect to use level through product of collect processing, analysis to feed raise all sorts of information, seasonable feedback goes in design, production, improve product quality ceaselessly. In feed production process, smash the workload of workshop section is big, the proportion that dynamical place holds is large also, occupy the above that pink expects finished product motivation is used up about. To raise the yield of disintegrator, reduce use waste time, to smashing the system is adopted help measure suction wind quite crucial. Deploy before shut wind to wring dragon and pulse to remove dust of wind net aid means suction wind to see the graph fails to achieve expectant result, the author changes the experience of the design according to the construction of old feed mill, ability, analyse summary seriously, combine production to carry out, designed a kind of advanced 2 course to remove dust the program that helps system suction wind. Apply actually through mill of a few feed, the effect is admirable, introduce this technology everybody today, in order to offer communication.