SBM mine machine: Mechanism arenaceous success is replaced natural arenaceous the application in constructing a field

  • Arenaceous the main material that is concrete composition. As social development, arenaceous stone industry grows euqally with industry of other building materials very fast. Our country arenaceous stone produces per year a quantity to increase 6 billion tons by many tons 600 million of 90 time, among them arenaceous about 3 billion tons. Arenaceous stone makes the product with the oldest increment in all products. But natural arenaceous resource is one cultivate land square resource, it is short time inside cannot second birth and go against Sunday run to carry, develop as bldg. and the attention to construction project quality, construction market uses arenaceous measure bigger and bigger, the demand on quality is higher and higher, and eligible natural arenaceous resource is less and less however, some places are not had even natural arenaceous circumstance, concrete is become with contradiction of arenaceous supply and demand outstanding, arenaceous production also because of the change of resource change somewhat, the building is opposite with arenaceous quality and amount the effect that builds the market is increasingly apparent.
    In last few years, the fine aggregate that begins to develop different quality of a material in a lot of areas is used, among them the mechanism is used arenaceously for most. In project process, arenaceous stone regards concrete structure as the main component of material, its quality actors or actress bad has decisive effect to the quality of whole project and wear. Satisfying the premise that uses arenaceous function index to fall, choose the plan with feasible economy, want to satisfy construction quality requirement already, want to control manufacturing cost effectively again, be in the area that natural arenaceous resource lacks so, use high grade mechanism arenaceous undertaking concrete construction is produced is feasible not only, its are integrated benefit also is remarkable.
    According to the mechanism arenaceous consistence and wear experiment show the strong performance that shows the mechanism is arenaceous is more arenaceous than the river a bit poor, but what still reach level of GB/ T 141684293 is classy taste index, nonexistent issue is used in common concrete. But use in often sufferring component of attrition percussive concrete, except must mix into uses additive, the ash that still should control concrete is arenaceous more arenaceous than mixing crunch index and stone pink content. For ascertain mechanism arenaceous medium stone pink is right the influence of cement function, by inside the stone pink mix into that mix into law is less than bead diameter 75μm experiments into cement. Does the result make clear: ?  Piao < ? of Qin of  of  branny broil all does not have an influence to setting time and invariability. When replacing a quantity to be less than 5 % , cement intensity rises somewhat (4 %) of 1 % ~ , the carbonate that its reason basically is Shi Fenzhong changes the with cement aluminous silicate in the process to form carbolic aluminium acerbity salt in cement water, when making cement intensity is able to raise; to should replace a quantity to be more than 10 % , along with the addition that replaces a capacity cement intensity is shown drop point-blank, the aluminous composition that the reason is cement is finite, overmuch stone pink can have the fill effect of inert makings only, reduce the active of cement instead. Does concrete test result make clear: ? Smelt metal of call on  identifies sneer  to suckle mechanism of Qiong  ? arenaceous in the arenaceous pink content that is less than 75μm is when 30 % is the following except advanced course the compressive strength of concrete slightly under in arenaceous (the river is arenaceous) outside concrete, fight otherly fold, the felt force of tension, compressive strength and reinforcing steel bar arenaceous concrete of prep above river, consult to display the conclusion conform to of the data about foreign article. Basis of concrete wear experiment long-term performance and concrete of; of method standard of fast performance experiment fight GBJ 82285 common concrete press load of fatigue pressure test to use press press to stabilize time of circulation of load of pulse load experiment to be 2 million times, the ratio of floor level stress and upper limit stress calls coefficient of load loop feature (P) , for 0. 15. Here the condition can bear 2 million times to relapse load is not destroyed, can use in the concrete structure content such as bridge. Test result makes clear, mechanism arenaceous concrete can satisfy the requirement of this respect, a lot of factor of concrete building life is affected below the outside force action of natural condition, think aspic be in harmony is main link alternately commonly, mechanism arenaceous concrete can satisfy technical standard to ask. In the meantime, mechanism arenaceous density is big, interstitial rate is minor, be helpful for raising concrete to fight press the press press Xu that plays a model to change intensity. The shrinkage with arenaceous mechanism compares river arenaceous concrete slightly small, basically suffer the effect that Shi Fenhan measures. Concern data introduction according to abroad, the addition that the shrinkage of concrete is less than 75μm dust content along with collect makings and greaten, when use mechanism is so arenaceous (especially excel in concrete) use additive except mix into, reduce water consumption and strengthen agitate to pound brace up, outside conserve, still answer to restrict the dust dosage of 75μm appropriately. The building of GB/ T 1468422001 of technical index requirement with arenaceous mechanism is used arenaceous medium arenaceous to the mechanism grain grading and natural arenaceous grading is basic and identical, the sieve that is 50μm only some relax, this is main the reason is what according to using a mechanism before arenaceous experience feature sets.
    Inferior the material that value of Jia La MB examines to be used technically at detecting to be less than 75 μm is pure stone pink, the law of proved recipe of a kind of check that still is clay. As a result of the mechanism arenaceous appearance feature and natural arenaceous different, natural arenaceous exterior shows yellow, clay content discretion can decide from the exterior its how many. And mechanism arenaceous majority presents hoar or black, grain acuteness, look stone white a lot of. The stone pink content with arenaceous mechanism parts to be 3 % surely according to concrete strength grade, 5 % , 7 % , relax relatively than natural arenaceous clay content 2 % . To prevent a mechanism arenaceous the clay that enters excessive because of all sorts of element mix into in exploitation treatment process, in GB/ T 1484622001 the building is used arenaceous in when stipulating arenaceous Shi Fenhan measures test mechanism, must undertake first inferior Jia La MB is worth examine or examine quickly, and leave factory for arenaceous material surely () need with what apply man-hour spot second-round exam check experiments project. Inferior value of Jia La MB examines detect result, content of eligible pink of mechanism arenaceous stone presses 3 % , 5 % , 7 % control uses; inferior Jia La is worth examine detect result, the stone pink content with unqualified arenaceous mechanism presses 1 % , 3 % , 5 %(and natural arenaceous clay content is identical) control is used, the stone pink content that because the mechanism is arenaceous,avoided so is exorbitant and what bring to concrete is negative action.
    Because the existence of stone pink mixes to its,the function that combines content has advantageous respect to also have adverse side, because this is OK,undertake controlling use to stone pink. The requirement of pink of arenaceous to the mechanism stone on international differs somewhat. American wear-resisting concrete is less than 5 % , use at common concrete to be less than 7 % , with Yu Sha the oar is less than 10 %; England content of pink of arenaceous to the mechanism of burden concrete stone asks to be less than 8 % , arenaceous to be being used at concrete mechanism Shi Fenhan measures Japan of 15 %; of content of pink of arenaceous stone of mechanism of common to using concrete the requirement is to be less than 7 % . Because mechanism of application of our country bldg. is arenaceous,be in start level, and our country region is vast, mineral products is sophisticated, each district production and the level with use arenaceous mechanism differ very big, because this GB is in,to the control of stone pink the requirement slants Yu Yajia is blue, but the basis uses a mechanism for many times arenaceous reach individual plant tall county of 6 railroad multiple track, Sichuan is aimed at stone pink in Huize reservoir construction the many test data that develops to concrete function influence can prove, content of pink of arenaceous to the mechanism stone can relax the standard is used, is content: controlled certainly after can you consulting to allow to have a test with suffix? Magpie of Kang of soul washing with watercolors lights Zuo of hole bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase the content of pink of concrete mechanism arenaceous stone of 30 is less than 10 % , the stone pink content with the concrete arenaceous mechanism that makes up intensity grade to be C20 ~ C30 is less than 15 % . The stone pink content with the concrete arenaceous mechanism that makes up intensity grade to be less than C20 is less than 20 % .
    With the mechanism arenaceous make up concrete and natural arenaceous without big distinction, will tell commonly, below the premise that is the same as slump, the water consumption with arenaceous mechanism wants some more largish, but should mix according to execution condition and structural content carry wait for element consideration. But basic to the intensity of concrete changeless; uses a mechanism arenaceous arenaceous rate of the attention when making up pump to send the special type such as concrete concrete is unfavorable and exorbitant, prevent to reduce the project quality such as concrete strength and wear.
    Mechanism arenaceous industry from 1966 since put into production of the first product line, in development time of nearly 45 years, make arenaceous machine from do not have have, update ceaselessly, crusher equipment home can produce manufacturer complete, and main function and foreign product photograph are more consistent than cornerstone the price is foreign product commonly 1/2 to 1/3. Limited company of SBM mine machinery is one in order to produce big, medium-sized series machinery of body of broken, screening, pink is given priority to, market research and development, production, sale is the joint stock company of an organic whole. Company main product has rubbish of mobile and broken station, building to handle crusher of equipment, gnathic type, strike back type of type crusher, conic crusher, concussion is made arenaceous machine, new-style make arenaceous machine, vibrating separator wait. The company carries out the scientific research that is core with enhancing product competition ability to develop the strategy, with numerous institution of higher learing and clasp of scientific research orgnaization, combinative market demand recommends development actively domestic and international advanced technique, the course tackles key problem for years and more than 20 years the technology precipitates, crusher of produces mobile and broken station, gnathic type, strike back type of type crusher, conic crusher, concussion is made arenaceous machine, new-style make rubbish of arenaceous machine, building handle the broken sizing device such as equipment, have the honor to win patent of multinomial country technology early or late, it is association of national arenaceous stone recommends a product.