The maintenance of hammer type crusher and safe production

  • The maintenance of hammer type crusher and safe production

    Crusher regards line of mineral separation equipment as first device, its type basically has E Shi crusher, strike back type crusher, hammer type crusher, conic crusher is waited a moment, so is the maintenance after be being used to crusher what kind of? The maintenance of crusher and safe production it may be said are Chongzhongzhi is weighed, we are with hammer type crusher below exemple, explain crusher to need what to notice by safe production respect in maintenance.
    The maintenance of hammer type crusher, it is to prolong its life to the care and maintenance of equipment, develop most the important segment in action. The care and maintenance of equipment includes to sweep screw of equipment, examination, close solid commonly, the lubricant, key that keeps good is overall the content such as instrument spare parts. Crusher and operation are close together and relevant, the overhaul foundation of executable also plan. According to the structure of equipment, choose and add the main field that lubricant material is equipment maintenance reasonably. The lubricant material grease that uses normally and lube two kinds. Grease application relatively lube origin, multi-purpose at not clean circumstance reason this machine uses grease, calcium radical grease is best. The operation personnel of equipment, hold to " 3 good " (good with good, canal, foster cordial relations between countries) " 4 meetings " (can use, can maintain, meeting examination, meeting removes trouble) " 4 without " (without accumulate ash, without sundry, without chaotic corrupt, without become loose) such, with respect to the normal movement that can carry equipment, develop the biggest technology efficiency.
    The safe production respect of hammer type crusher, produce completely to ensure public security truly, prevent the happening of equipment accident and person die, must abide secure job system, carry out operating rules strictly. (1) the equipment in movement produces urgent breakdown suddenly, can jockey first, make a thorough investigation of breakdown circumstance. Before breakdown did not eliminate, cannot drive forcibly. (2) wiring malfunctions, answer to be in charge of maintaining by electric equipment personnel. Not be the personnel of this post, when touching wiring. Should undertake dissuasion. (3) overhaul crusher. Must clear the stock of feeder head clean. The person falls when preventing vibration. When enter crusher to handle trouble or be being overhauled, must the brand that pick off wiring is sure to with hang out the overhaul indicates, must not enter otherwise inside machine. The test-drive after the overhaul, must have built the shell. Screw screw. Overhaul demander of quality short of, affect what equipment safety runs to should put forward, cannot use. (4) should check all safe guard finally, must complete and firm.
    After installation, carry out explaining before SBM breaking equipment makes work, be in charge of maintaining, be broad mine mill not 2 choices.
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