Strike back gangue of type crusher open up is broken

  • Strike back gangue of type crusher open up is broken

    SBM expert understands, gangue is to be able to reclaim the resource of recycle. Gangue course crusher is broken achieve place to want size, can join pottery and porcelain, cement, in making a brick wait craft a moment to produce. Gangue bead, again mix into enters other stock, apply distinctive manufacturing application technology to be able to make bitumen compound and cement concrete.

    Strike back gangue of type crusher open up is broken since using technical project to carry out, annual but disappear accept gangue is close 1 million tons, compound of manufacturing gangue bitumen 1.2 million tons of above, resource of managing and natural Sha Shi 600 thousand tons.
    What SBM studies is new-style strike back type crusher for open up gangue broken have multiple advantage. It can go to the lavatory to adjust neatly a makings granuality, adjusting range is wide; Fragile wear away utilization rate of small, metal is high; Gangue crusher (strike back type crusher) spare parts changes handy, safeguard charge to decrease accordingly; Stock of processing wet generous is more active, can prevent stock effectively to jam; Gangue crusher (turn over checkmate) applicable stock hardness is more extensive.

    Strike back type crusher gained the favour of broad client with the advantage such as efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, make the first selection equipment with tall hardness broken mineral powder, its occurrence raised mineral powder to break efficiency is mixed not only use the effect, promoted the development of industry of mineral powder broken treatment, also promoted the development of the relevant industry such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, fireproof material, also open up of gangue resource broken use.