Make artificially arenaceous or become control arenaceous main aspect

  • Make artificially arenaceous or become control arenaceous main aspect

    Look of advanced level of development of mechanism arenaceous equipment and abroad is fairer than returning existence difference. But we believe, through the effort of period of time, can be overtaken or exceed foreign congener equipment. Still be good in light of the case that from home some mechanisms arenaceous device uses now, be worth take into consideration the circumstances to choose.

    Broken stock, the requirement of arenaceous stone industry and mine defeat the demand that worries an industry to differ somewhat. And the company that produces mechanism arenaceous equipment at present makes an industry take on by mine machinery for the most part, reason must make one understanding to the requirement of arenaceous stone above all. Mine equipment is fine to the grain requirement of broken stock.

    Generally speaking, to the needle piece the stock of shape is entered grind machine, easier instead by molar. And the requirement of clastic rock and afore-mentioned contrary, to its bead, the requirement of bead class is very strict. Its reason depends on cubic form arenaceous because its take edge, there is the effect of a kind of mutual locking between made grain. And arenaceous successive grading can make space is reduced greatly again. Cubic form is arenaceous at the same time more arenaceous than the circle have bigger surface to accumulate, make bitumen and stock or cement and stock stick the possibility that reduces displacement together.

    Arenaceous definition, according to the definition with arenaceous mechanism: Via dividing earthy processing, by machinery broken, the bead way that screening makes is less than the rock grain of 4.75mm. But do not include soft qualitative rock, efflorescent petrosal grain.

    Arenaceous norms: Arenaceous norms is pressed fineness modulus (Mx) cent is thick, medium, fine 3 kinds. Among them: Thick arenaceous fineness modulus is 3.7-3.1, in arenaceous fineness modulus is 3.3-3.0, fine arenaceous fineness modulus is 2.2-1.6. Arenaceous grade: Arenaceous grade asks by its technology cent is: I, II, III3 grade. Utility: I kind arenaceous the concrete that applies to intensity grade to be more than C6; II kind apply to intensity grade C30-C60 to reach fight aspic, the concrete of impervious or other requirement, water industry concrete; III kind arenaceous the concrete that applies to intensity grade to be less than C30 and building mortar. Characteristic: Arenaceous bead diameter is between 4.75-0.15mm, and the Shi Fenying that is less than 0.075mm has certain restriction, cent of its bead class is 4.75, 2.36, 1.18, 0.6, 0.3, 0.15, had better want successive, and each class should have certain percentage, its bead had better show cube, to its needle piece form content also has particular demand.

    Make arenaceous rock: Make arenaceous rock have the variety such as cliff of pebble of granite, basalt, natural river, andesite, rhyolite, diabase, diorite, sandstone, lime commonly. What its make is arenaceous differ by petrosal sort, have different intensity and different use.

    Make the choice of arenaceous equipment: The mine equipment that suits to make arenaceous product line has a lot of, each have different characteristic, each have different use.