Strike back the distinction of type crusher and crusher of type of another name for Hubei province

  • Strike back the distinction of type crusher and crusher of type of another name for Hubei province

    Strike back type crusher and crusher of type of another name for Hubei province are bit more identical summarize

    Strike back type crusher and gnathic type crusher are to belong to the the commonnest, most current breaking equipment, these two equipment are having decisive effect in mine field, be located in foremost end commonly in all sorts of product line, gnathic type crusher regards one class as crusher commonly, common says thick broken, strike back type crusher is called 2 level broken, the stock that to gnathic type crusher treatment gives has broken job 2 times effective; These two kinds of breaking equipment still have one same point, the sort that is pair of treatment stock does not have strict requirement, can satisfy the broken task of all metal mine and metalloid mine, at the same time of the stock to tall difficulty broken also the very can excellent job that finish, mix high to stock matter content especially the mineral products with big humidity, these two kinds of equipment are broken to its the specific dominant position that can reflect equipment more.

    Strike back detailed solves differentia of type crusher and crusher of type of another name for Hubei province

    1, of structural principle differ

    Strike back type crusher and gnathic type crusher are having substaintial distinction on structural principle, because the core component of two kinds of equipment is endless identical, strike back the broken component of type crusher is to strike back board, and the core component of gnathic type crusher is jaw board, in the light of these two components we elaborate the material effect that they produce in equipment in detail:

    Strike back board: Strike back board specific work process is start when equipment when moving, strike back board the whole and broken process that the active force that relies on electromotor will come to realize stock, strike back board material must amount to mark character, especially hardness must satisfy international standard, such ability assure the service life of equipment whole, reach actual application level of the client to the ability of particle size after cracking of stock at the same time, especially the stock with wet to containing larger amount, undertake to this kind of stock broken when, must strike back board clean and clean, in just won't making equipment machines a process in stock so, appear to jam badly phenomenon, the whole that also can increase stock at the same time is pure degree.

    Jaw board: The specific action of jaw board is equipment when undertaking manufacturing condition, electromotor aids the extruding force that makes jaw board place arises to have broken operation to stock, to increase the production of integral equipment efficiency is mixed broken than, jaw board is in design process, its surface is accumulated must enough big, because stock is mixed,the osculatory area of jaw board is mixed very closely pressing, only the sufficient surface that increases jaw board is accumulated, ability from go up at all the manufacturing efficiency that improves facility and broken than; Manage together, the material of jaw board chooses a standard to also should satisfy occupation standard character, qualitative to material hardness and toughness have quite high demand, only such ability and whole equipment photograph match.

    2, performance dominant position somewhat difference

    These two kinds of breaking equipment also are having a few difference on function, but can create the economic profit with sizable gain for the client, specific advantage is those who be aimed at a client is different and be come out now by whole system, strike back for instance the control system of type crusher is the most perfect, and the protector of gnathic type crusher most develop, introduce these two kinds of advantages to use a case mediumly in respective equipment in detail below:

    Strike back the control system of type crusher: Controlling a system is the software part of equipment, have controlled effect to all hardware at the same time, its theory application and the maturity standard that perfect a technology are worn the progress of the times, the rapid development of science and technology, had the most crucial effect to realize the artificial intelligence of equipment especially, control system is so more perfect, indicating the automation level of equipment is higher, the equipment of high automation has very big help effect to running condition and manufacturing efficiency, the probability that breakdown appears to dropping device in the meantime and the flow that increase equipment care and maintenance had quite big gain.

    The protector of gnathic type crusher: The core component that protector is safeguard equipment is not damaged strongly, this device does not have any effect when the normal production of equipment moves, appear when equipment only when unusual situation, this component just can produce its individual action and advantage, undertake enforcing closing to equipment machine, protected the electromotor of equipment greatly, also protected whole facility at the same time. This component has a bit to need to notice all the more, it is this device after reasonable, significant executive protection action, its restoration pushbutton must the hand is moved reductive, can affect otherwise next time switch on the mobile phone normally.

    3, the side key of energy-saving environmental protection different

    Energy-saving environmental protection is the task of new century, spend to heavy visual range of the environment as the mankind taller and taller, put forward and be being advocated of policy of energy-saving environmental protection is to solve this one problem elaborate scheme and deploy, had had the positive result of significance up to now, the element of energy-saving environmental protection has a lot of, and these two kinds of equipment are opposite the place on the problem of energy-saving environmental protection shows the characteristic that go out also is discrepant, their side focal point is different, strike back type crusher is in bad news can the respect has an advantage more, and strike back type crusher has bigger breakthrough in noise respect, elaborate in detail below:

    Strike back the bad news of type crusher can: Cost can be low it is to realize a of energy-saving environmental protection to be reflected strongly, of this equipment cost can be low because the electromotor performance of equipment is very good,basically be, electromotor uses waste time can low, power comsumption the international with small, best function is top-ranking the component of character, each parameter of this component can satisfy the real requirement of the user, especially the power of electromotor is exceedingly low, the electromotor of low power just is the only way that equipment waste time can reduce, this is the facility that improves from the problem of essential the strength of energy-saving environmental protection, make strong contribution for current environmental protection career, so this ability is the place that strikes back type crusher has an advantage most.

    The noise of gnathic type crusher: Noise also is a factor that affects energy-saving environmental protection, according to the environmental protection 2015 investigation forms for reporting statistics shows: Noise always is browbeating not only of the mankind live environment, the body and mind of minatory still mankind is healthy at the same time, effect a radical cure noise is the problem that the most intractable now urgent need solves so. The occurrence that the noise of gnathic type crusher eliminates circuit caused the wide attention of industry and huge sensation immediately, it not only from go up at all the problem that solved noise, also had the help of dependability to enhancing the energy-saving environmental protection of equipment at the same time, the removability of this component is exceedingly agile, can appear in the light of equipment the noise of different place and logical choice installs the position, the model of this component and size can appear according to equipment likewise the size of noise is chosen reasonably, this ability is the absolutely advantage that place of high quality equipment has.

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