Ferberite rotary kiln

  • Ferberite brief introduction

    Ferberite is a kind of ore that has weak magnetism, form at the area with inferior temperature, color basically is black or be striation brown black, have colophony burnish to come half metal burnish, it is the important ore raw material of smelt tungsten.

    Undertake ferberite machining processing hind can be applied extensively in the industrial domain such as chemical industry, building, building materials, cement, so what equipment to use to undertake to calcine to ferberite more reasonable? SBM machine is aimed at the feature of ferberite, configured a function to compare equipment of reliable ferberite to calcine for the user, namely ferberite rotary kiln, have outstanding performance and quality advantage, the price also exceeds material benefit, undertake to this ferberite rotary kiln below brief elaborate.

    Feature of structure of ferberite rotary kiln

    The main structure of ferberite rotary kiln included remaining part of kiln head, kiln seal unit, block buy of piping outfitting of coal of cylindrical shell of the round of device, support roller device, device that prop up, circumgyrate, gush to wait, relative to the rotary kiln at the tradition, this equipment is on structural design more compact and reasonable, cover an area of an area to also narrow greatly, weight reduced 20% above, more facilitating worker operation and maintain, automation rate rises greatly.

    Ferberite rotary kiln is distinctive advantage

    1, the device such as kiln body uses Germany the wear-resisting material of newest development is made, not only more hard usage, prevent grind anticorrosive, and main to avoiding the loss of heat energy to rise effect, saved bad news coal to measure greatly.

    2, better to the to calcine effect of ferberite, the grade of final to promotion stock and utilization rate had crucial effect, have very high application value.

    3, configured control lukewarm system automatically, the user can have reasonable control to temperature according to producing a demand, improved to calcine efficiency greatly thereby, moving process more on the safe side.

    4, the comparison that cubage of kiln system interior designs is big, sirocco is more enough, treating capacity increases greatly, yield is very high.

    5, price of ferberite rotary kiln wants than market price low 50 thousand yuan of above, sexual price is compared taller, return rate is high. Price of rotary kiln of online advisory ferberite

    6, carry out hind is perfect, my factory can offer field assembly, try machine, debug, guidance grooms wait for a series of services, let an user do not have trouble back at home.

    Machine of ——SBM of manufacturer of rotary kiln of Henan Zhengzhou ferberite

    Review the manufacturer of ferberite rotary kiln with Henan numerous Zhengzhou, no matter SBM machine is technology, dimensions, actual strength, equipment or service be count as one of the best, because this accepts the favour of broad processing factory quite, become the rotary kiln manufacturer that consumer has believed. On one hand, SBM machine has home's toppest rotary kiln to manufacture a technology, manufacturer dimensions and talent dimensions are very giant, having extremely high market position in the world; On the other hand, SBM machine values the interest of the user very much, to achieve the biggest beneficial result of the user, can supply equipment of the most outstanding, solid ferberite rotary kiln for the user not only, can provide the most perfect, high-class after service for the user at the same time, let an user experience my company's biggest sincerity.

    Principle of job of ferberite rotary kiln

    Ferberite rotary kiln is in to calcine process, the ferberite raw material that exploitation comes to next makings canals from high end of kiln end cylindrical shell feed kiln cylindrical shell inside, as a result of kiln cylindrical shell tilt and slowly circumgyrate, make generation of ferberite raw material rolls along circumferential direction namely, the compound motion that moves to low end from high temperature along axial again, raw material ferberite carries fraction inside kiln solution, firing wait for process, the from kiln cylindrical shell bottom end discharging after burning mature material goes out, cooling plane is entered later.

    Current, this ferberite rotary kiln of my company is depending on distinctive quality, function and price advantage, had sold as far as to domestic and international, obtained what agree inside the industry reputably, to the crucial action that reachs since the growth of enterprise benefit, be worth an user to approbate very much reach a choose and buy!

    Price of ferberite rotary kiln refers a telephone call: 0371-67772626.

    Address of manufacturer of rotary kiln of Henan Zhengzhou ferberite: Road of new and high the pride of China of city of Henan province Zhengzhou 8.

    Parameter of technology of ferberite rotary kiln

    Product standards
    (M)Diameter (M)
    Kiln body dimension Electric machinery power
    Gross weight
    Length (M) Rake (% ) Crop
    Rotate speed
    Φ2.5×40 3.2 50 4 1000 0.6-3 125 278 Kiln is decomposed outside kiln
    Φ2.5×50 3 60 3.5 300 0.3-2 100 310 Kiln of aluminous aluminous to calcine
    Φ2.5×54 3 48 3.5 700 0.6-3.48 100 237 Kiln is decomposed outside kiln
    Φ2.7×42 3 45 3.5 500 0.5-2.47 75 210.94 ------
    Φ2.8×44 2.8 44 3.5 400 0.437-2.18 55 201.58 Kiln is decomposed outside kiln
    Φ3.0×45 2.7 42 3.5 320 0.10-1.52 55 198.5 ------
    Φ3.0×48 2.5 54 3.5 204 0.48-1.45 55 196.29 ------
    Φ3.0×60 2.5 50 3 200 0.62-1.86 55 187.37 ------
    Φ3.2×50 2.5 40 3.5 180 0.44-2.44 55 149.61 Take intake air heater establishing a canister kiln
    Φ3.3×52 3.3 52 3.5 1300 0.266-2.66 125 283 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ3.5×54 3.5 54 3.5 1500 0.55-3.4 220 363 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ3.6×70 3.6 70 3.5 1800 0.25-1.25 125 419 More than heat generates electricity kiln
    Φ4.0×56 4 56 4 2300 0.41-4.07 315 456 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ4.0×60 4 60 3.5 2500 0.396-3.96 315 510 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ4.2×60 4.2 60 4 2750 0.41-4.07 375 633 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ4.3×60 4.3 60 3.5 3200 0.396-3.96 375 583 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ4.5×66 4.5 66 3.5 4000 0.41-4.1 560 710.4 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ4.7×74 4.7 74 4 4500 0.35-4 630 849 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ4.8×74 4.8 74 4 5000 0.396-3.96 630 899 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ5.0×74 5 74 4 6000 0.35-4 710 944 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ5.6×87 5.6 87 4 8000 Max4.23 800 1265 Warm-up decomposes kiln
    Φ6.0×95 6 95 4 10000 Max5 950×2 1659 Warm-up decomposes kiln