Strike back temperature of type crusher bearing passes expensive processing measure

  • Strike back temperature of type crusher bearing passes expensive processing measure

    Bearing to striking back the sense is great for type crusher, in the job, bearing is the key that drives facility work, in be used actually, we can discover a problem, that strikes back the bearing of type crusher gives out heat easily namely, this moment most if cannot give bearing to drop in temperature, will greatly the service life that affects bearing, so we should learn to striking back when temperature of type crusher bearing is exorbitant, drop in temperature for its.

    Above all, we will analyse bearing to warm up exorbitant reason. Will tell the main reason that thinks bearing temperature rise is exorbitant to have 3 commonly: It is installation in be opposite bad to sail the balata of rubber slab shaft coupling uses 8 too thick. Stiffness is ham, flexibility is insufficient. Make two bearing of crusher rotor fasten interest. Attrition is too big, heat build-up is overmuch; 2: It is oily quantity overmuch, churn heat build-up; 3 it is oily taste choose very much reasonable. Viscosity is too big. The internal friction between the element in increasing lube not only and also increase, with gold the attrition between. Thereby heat build-up is overmuch, quantity of heat cannot send out in time go out. Cannot balance inside the temperature of the requirement, bearing temperature rise is so exorbitant.

    After knowing a reason, our suit the remedy to the case solves bearing to warm up exorbitant problem.

    (1) looks for the coaxial of positive electricity motive and crusher rotor to spend, the requirement is used take magnetism dial gauge, suck the balata that installs on electromotor axis head to pull shaft coupling on the noumenon of half body, watch needle shows the flywheel that installs on head of crusher rotor axis machines a face to go up.

    The coaxial of the electromotor before adjusting and crusher rotor spends deviation too big, for 0. 673mm, after adjusting, reduce for 0. 466mm, contented 0. 5mm requirement. The coaxial before adjusting spends deviation too fourther than the requirement 0. The 35 times electromotor before adjusting and gradient of end panel of crusher rotor axis are 0. 0077146, after adjusting, reduce 0. 0002298, it is the 29 % before adjusting only, drop man namely 3 above of 2 / .

    (The make level of 2) electromotor and crusher rotor, with 0. The casing type gradienter of 1000 is in 02 / electric machinery on the journal of two bearing, go up to seek the level of electromotor rotor and crusher rotor respectively with bearing tadpole housing washer on the flywheel of crusher rotor, use next connect the canal checks, come with law of heavy weight of the condole that draw a line next the linearity of check electromotor and crusher center line, check result satisfies a requirement, via searching afresh the requirement that the electromotor after and crusher reached a level.

    (The rubber slab with 8 large 22mm in shaft coupling of 3) general rubber slab pulled down together, make the stiffness in crusher rotor and electromotor connection is reduced, such, make be out of shape mediumly in movement absorb by rubber slab, do not cause crusher rotor axis to fasten interest in bearing, reduce the additional power in bearing and attrition thereby. Besides, to the housing washer outside bearing external diameter and width, bearing and bearing inside the working windage of the clearance between Kong Zhi, bearing all undertook detailed ground is checked, everything all accords with a requirement, the working windage of bearing is respectively 0. 28mm and 0. 275mm.

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